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Medal winners 2012

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Medal rules
Because of draws (ties), we could have multiple players tied for medals at the end of the day.
Medals go to the 1st player, 2nd player, and 3rd player (and ties with the 3rd player).
Please note: 1st, 2nd, and 3rd PLAYERS, not "score groups".

This list is of the medals that SHOULD have been awarded.
With over 80 volunteer scorekeepers, no doubt mistakes were made.
If you got a medal that is shinier than it should be, by all means keep it.
Complete awards rules


       **  Grade 1

       * Section 1A
        Gold      Rachel Ng                      Dougall Avenue
        Silver    Aleksandar Acovski             H J Lassaline
        Bronze    Jonathan McIntyre              H J Lassaline

       **  Grade 2

       * Section 2A
        Gold      Josh Derkson                   Gosfield North
        Silver    Bryce Baker                    Ste Thérèse
        Bronze    Emily Hu                       Bellewood

       * Section 2B
        Gold      Ned Malic                      Prince Andrew
        Silver    Anwone Ung-Ngo                 Dougall Avenue
        Bronze    Carlin Clark                   Queen Victoria
        Bronze    Matthew Lovric                 Ste Thérèse

       **  Grade 3

       * Section 3A
        Gold      Laith Almasri                  Bellewood
        Silver    Antonio Spiridon               Dougall Avenue
        Bronze    Stephen Belanger               Sacred Heart

       * Section 3B
        Gold      Bilal Ahmed                    Bellewood
        Silver    Matteo Pontoni                 Sacred Heart
        Silver    Rony Naim                      H J Lassaline

       * Section 3C
        Gold      Aleksandar Bratic              Bellewood
        Gold      Henry Zhang                    Bellewood
        Gold      Webster Kuo                    Sandwich West

       * Section 3D
        Gold      Dylan Tan                      Bellewood
        Silver    Joshua Maadi                   St John Vianney
        Bronze    Wade Masse                     Dougall Avenue

       **  Grade 4

       * Section 4A
        Gold      Zhehai Zhang                   Bellewood
        Silver    Alessia Pernasilici            St John Vianney
        Silver    Ryan Harvey                    St Anne

       * Section 4B
        Gold      Lily Zhou                      Bellewood
        Silver    Randy Duong                    Dougall Avenue
        Bronze    Andrew Seguin                  St John Vianney

       * Section 4C
        Gold      Ellen Tao                      St Gabriel
        Silver    David Tebbens                  Sandwich West
        Bronze    Kevin Vu                       St Anne

       * Section 4D
        Gold      Eric Dinunzio                  St Joseph
        Silver    Campbell Wang                  Glenwood
        Silver    Marco Desantis                 St Gabriel
        Silver    Matthew Brkljacic              Southwood

       * Section 4E
        Gold      Josh Peddie                    Anderdon
        Silver    Jacob Chippett                 Gosfield North
        Bronze    Ali Albaaj                     Coronation

       * Section 4F
        Gold      Jacob Goldman                  St Gabriel
        Silver    Jesse Laframboise              First Lutheran
        Silver    Justin Skov                    Anderdon
        Silver    Luca Amicone                   Sandwich West
        Silver    Jacob Derkson                  Gosfield North

       * Section 4G
        Gold      Josh Mathews                   Bellewood
        Silver    Thomas Devries                 Sandwich West
        Bronze    Ife Olorunfunmi                Southwood

       **  Grade 5

       * Section 5A
        Gold      Scott Xu                       Southwood
        Silver    Mihir Gupta                    A V Graham
        Bronze    J.R. Nantais                   Coronation
        Bronze    Matthew Thamarappallir         St Gabriel
        Bronze    Tailai Wang                    Bellewood

       * Section 5B
        Gold      Jeffrey Zhu                    Bellewood
        Silver    Brendan Davidson               Anderdon
        Bronze    Sophia Pham                    St Anne

       * Section 5C
        Gold      Mohamed Al-Safadi              Queen Victoria
        Silver    Hunter Stewart                 Holy Cross
        Bronze    Ryan Patterson                 Glenwood
        Bronze    Corey Prescott                 Eastwood
        Bronze    Dylan Reaume                   Coronation
        Bronze    Griffin Howson                 Sandwich West
       * Section 5D
        Gold      Martin Cheung                  First Lutheran
        Silver    Ali Al-Ameri                   McWilliam
        Bronze    Dante DelGreco                 St John Vianney

       * Section 5E
        Gold      Brian Luong                    Dougall Avenue
        Silver    Matthew Deforest               Queen Victoria
        Bronze    Hanna Drew                     St John Vianney

       * Section 5F
        Gold      Rahma Gillan                   Glenwood
        Silver    Jordan Maadi                   St John Vianney
        Bronze    Matthew McKewan                Sandwich West

       * Section 5G
        Gold      Malik Johnson                  Bellewood
        Silver    Akaash Thayanithy              Dougall Avenue
        Silver    Karolina Konior                Ste Marguerite D'Youville

       **  Grade 6

       * Section 6A
        Gold      Spencer Seguin                 St Pius X
        Silver    Connor Sloan                   Holy Cross
        Bronze    Carmen Tang                    Eastwood
        Bronze    Peter Moon                     Prince Andrew
        Bronze    Simon Beaudoin                 St Joseph

       * Section 6B
        Gold      Taylor Nugent                  St Anne
        Gold      Gursimmer Banwait              Southwood
        Bronze    Michael Nasello                Prince Andrew
        Bronze    Nathan Toews                   Mount Carmel-Blytheswood
        Bronze    Shawn Kim                      First Lutheran

       * Section 6C
        Gold      Karthik Baskaran               Southwood
        Silver    Ricky Wiebe                    Mount Carmel-Blytheswood
        Bronze    Syed Moeed                     Bellewood

       * Section 6D
        Gold      Lukas Cheung                   Southwood
        Silver    Yoyo Zhou                      Bellewood
        Bronze    Raine Wheeler                  St Anne

       * Section 6E
        Gold      Burak Yilmaz                   Forest Glade
        Silver    Christian Zung                 Bellewood
        Bronze    Tyer D'Amore                   Southwood

       * Section 6F
        Gold      Minya Bai                      Taylor
        Silver    Adam Guarasci                  Holy Cross
        Bronze    Calvin Gambling                St Gabriel
        Bronze    Chris Iorio                    St John Vianney
        Bronze    Joey Fortier                   Eastwood
        Bronze    Kristen Switoschik             St Joseph
        Bronze    Spencer Hedge                  Prince Andrew
        Bronze    Charbel Karam                  Ste Thérèse

       * Section 6G
        Gold      Anish Nyayachavadi             Eastwood
        Gold      Nathan Salaris                 Southwood
        Bronze    Ben St. Amour                  St John Vianney

       **  Grade 7

       * Section 7A
        Gold      Rachel Tao                     St Gabriel
        Silver    Lorenzo Pernasilici            St John Vianney
        Bronze    Braeden Siefarth               First Lutheran
        Bronze    Justin Lowrie                  Anderdon
       * Section 7B

        Gold      A.J. Spencer                   St John Vianney
        Gold      Ethan Killen                   Ste Thérèse
        Bronze    Riley Prescott                 Eastwood

       * Section 7C
        Gold      Owen Salamone                  Eastwood
        Gold      Robert Lupiou                  Forest Glade
        Bronze    Talha Iqbal                    Al-Hijra

       * Section 7D
        Gold      Anthony Pham                   St Anne
        Silver    Declan Cullen                  Bellewood
        Bronze    Marko Popovich                 Forest Glade

       * Section 7E
        Gold      Marie Paule Anderson           First Lutheran
        Gold      Matthew Hebert                 St Pius X
        Bronze    Leo Feng                       Bellewood

       * Section 7F
        Gold      Jeremy Mathews                 Bellewood
        Silver    Iris Cheung                    First Lutheran
        Bronze    Eddie Ng                       Dougall Avenue

       **  Grade 8

       * Section 8A
        Gold      Michael O'Neil                 Southwood
        Gold      Shaumik Baki                   Bellewood
        Bronze    Jin Khongsavat                 Forest Glade

       * Section 8B
        Gold      Kassem Nizam                   Dougall Avenue
        Silver    Richard Yang                   Bellewood
        Bronze    Durval Farias                  Harrow Sr

       * Section 8C
        Gold      Navkiran Deol                  First Lutheran
        Silver    Joe Iskander                   St Anne
        Bronze    Jarrod Dileva                  Harrow Sr

       * Section 8D
        Gold      Donald Rodzik                  First Lutheran
        Silver    Dillan Patel                   Southwood
        Bronze    John Mitchell                  St Anne

       * Section 8E
        Gold      David Deforest                 Queen Victoria
        Silver    Kevin Maillioux                Southwood
        Bronze    Mark Rosati                    Anderdon

Tuesday ** Grade 1 (playing with the Grade 2s) Bronze Brooke Bashura David Suzuki ** Grade 2 * Section 2A Gold Jack Li Ste Cecile Silver Shuhan Dai Brock Bronze Chris Bolton St Gregory Bronze Quinn Carrey David Suzuki ** Grade 3 * Section 3A Gold Jeannie Zhang Northwood Silver Abdullah Moiz Begley Bronze Cody Peters Our Lady of Lourdes * Section 3B Gold Rohan Talukdar Central Silver Adam Gaisinsky Ste Cecile Bronze Ethan Dyke Queen of Peace * Section 3C Gold Peter Avdoulos Lakeshore Discovery Silver Mathio Masood Our Lady of Lourdes Bronze Evan Mao Ste Cecile ** Grade 4 * Section 4A Gold Aeneas Shinas Malden Silver Frank Hou Talbot Trail Bronze Ovidiu Duca Saint-Edmond Bronze Matthew Prior St Christopher Bronze Caroline Alionte Lakeshore Discovery * Section 4B Gold Alex Grigorescu Monseigneur-Jean-Noel Gold Timothy Ibgokwe Talbot Trail Bronze Nick Bolton St Gregory * Section 4C Gold Connor Cox Pavillon des Jeunes Gold Joseph Kobti St Gregory Bronze Reece Gignac Our Lady of Lourdes * Section 4D Gold Michael Emery Lakeshore Discovery Silver Jacob Price St Gregory Bronze Cory MacDonald Amherstburg Bronze Noah Mousseau Our Lady of Lourdes * Section 4E Gold Lewis Yau Mgr Augustin Caron Silver Cameron Rodzik St Gregory Bronze Ervin Ciellza St Christopher * Section 4F Gold Matteo Palumbo Malden Silver Eric Li LaSalle Bronze David Novakovic Lakeshore Discovery ** Grade 5 * Section 5A Gold Henning Jiang Notre Dame Silver Payton Baumgartner Lakeshore Discovery Bronze Trent Tousignant Talbot Trail * Section 5B Gold Patrick Lauzon St Angela Gold Braydon Wharram Mgr Augustin Caron Bronze Alex Breault Saint-Ambroise Bronze Nicholas Sarweh Amherstburg * Section 5C Gold Alfonse Lasa St Gregory Silver Usman Farooqi Brock Silver Yu-Jin Kwon Our Lady of Mount Carmel * Section 5D Gold Alex Mikho St Gregory Silver Michael Montemurri Our Lady of Mount Carmel Bronze John Hunter Brink Immaculate Conception Bronze Gavin Flewelling St William Bronze Alex Mitchell Tecumseh Vista Bronze Devin Grondin Lakeshore Discovery * Section 5E Gold Burhan Hamami Northwood Silver Wyatt Hanson Saint-Michel Bronze Nikolas Alves King Edward Bronze Domenic Quiquero St William * Section 5F Gold Quin Greenaway Amherstburg Silver Alexandru Busuioc Northwood Bronze Nicholas Janiak St Maria Goretti * Section 5G Gold Nikola Kolobaric David Suzuki Silver Nicolas Label Saint-Edmond Bronze Justin Guy Amherstburg * Section 5H Gold Vithushan Krishnamohan David Suzuki Silver Brandon Fauteux Pavillon des Jeunes Silver Felix Nunes Saint-Michel ** Grade 6 * Section 6A Gold Peijin Yang Ste Cecile Silver Frank Pavelich St William Silver Tyler Pouget Our Lady of Lourdes Silver Spencer Stockwell Lakeshore Discovery * Section 6B Gold Megan Jorritsma Mgr Augustin Caron Silver Jon Agapito David Suzuki Bronze Matthew Belanger Amherstburg * Section 6C Gold Brian Bashura David Suzuki Silver Devin Duhart Amherstburg Bronze Nathan Begley Begley * Section 6D Gold Erick Martinez Our Lady of Lourdes Silver Vladi Jidkov Saint-Michel Silver Tate Levesque Amherstburg * Section 6E Gold Storm Ricciotti St Christopher Silver Alex Borden Beaton Bronze Mohamad Moussa Saint-Michel Bronze Jordan Pope Holy Name * Section 6F Gold Michael Masood Our Lady of Lourdes Silver Matthew Armaly St Gregory Bronze Satya Bhandari Talbot Trail Bronze Sadman Chowdhury Northwood Bronze Dustin Player Marlborough Bronze Deep Sandhu Roseland * Section 6G Gold Emily Deng Talbot Trail Silver Ruturaj Darji Northwood Silver Justin Ulpindo Our Lady of Mount Carmel * Section 6H Gold Ryan Beneteau Mgr Augustin Caron Gold Kiran Menon Talbot Trail Bronze Michael McMahon Northwood Bronze John Renaud Monseigneur-Jean-Noel ** Grade 7 * Section 7A Gold Kabir Bhangoo Tecumseh Vista Silver Rebecca Croucher A V Graham Bronze Trevor Montague Marlborough * Section 7B Gold Noah Kuefuss St Peter Silver James Craig Beaton Bronze Antonio Roye St William Bronze Blain Wallace Marlborough * Section 7C Gold Nicklas Ofner St Peter Silver Mahwish Khan Brock Bronze Samuel Daher Saint-Michel Bronze Jacob Ledgerwood Beaton * Section 7D Gold Jan Dohring Ste Cecile Silver Samin Khan Brock Bronze Aditi Kukreja Northwood * Section 7E Gold Amanda Mao Northwood Silver Gurvir Chana Talbot Trail Silver Owen Scott Beaton * Section 7F Gold Adedemola Adenitan Marlborough Gold Joshua Rocetes Our Lady of Lourdes Bronze Baxton Lyall Begley Bronze Robert Meloche St Rose * Section 7G Gold Calvin Orgis Tecumseh Vista Silver Adam Thai Our Lady of Mount Carmel Bronze Paul Bakos St Peter * Section 7H Gold Prushoth Vivekanantha Talbot Trail Silver Eric Alberto Lopez Saint-Edmond Bronze Jaidon Renaud St Angela Bronze Matthew Prebeg Queen of Peace * Section 7I Gold Logan Demars Belle River Gold Alex Xie Talbot Trail Bronze Cristina Conflitti St Peter * Section 7J Gold Erica Forshaw Saint-Ambroise Silver Trevor Beneteau Mgr Augustin Caron Bronze Dante DeLuca Notre Dame ** Grade 8 * Section 8A Gold Abush Bulto Marlborough Gold Dilpreet Chana Talbot Trail Bronze Zak Nantais Christ the King * Section 8B Gold Mitchel Paulin St Peter Silver Matthew Wrobel St William Bronze Tony Huang Marlborough Bronze Tehseen Malik Northwood * Section 8C Gold Dimitri Shinas Malden Silver Josh Martin Marlborough Silver Liam Mastronardi Saint-Michel Silver Don Panganiban Monseigneur-Jean-Noel * Section 8D Gold Nathan Nantais Christ the King Silver Matthew Brockman Our Lady of the Annunciation Bronze Arian Ala Talbot Trail Bronze Matthew Menzies St Rose Bronze Xavier Nunes Saint-Michel * Section 8E Gold Jarrod Wynn Malden Silver Jordan Antonelli St William Silver Brandon Woelk St Anthony * Section 8F Gold Abdul Moiz Begley Gold Peter Yu Marlborough Bronze Nicolas Dalla-Bona St William * Section 8G Gold Shahir Chowdhury Northwood Gold Brody Collison Talbot Trail Bronze Joshua McCubbin St Peter Bronze Jack Neilson St James

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