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Medal winners 2013

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Medal rules
Because of draws (ties), we could have multiple players tied for medals at the end of the day.
Medals go to the 1st player, 2nd player, and 3rd player (and ties with the 3rd player).
Please note: 1st, 2nd, and 3rd PLAYERS, not "score groups".

This list is of the medals that SHOULD have been awarded.
With almost 50 volunteer scorekeepers each day, it is possible mistakes were made.
If you got a medal that is shinier than it should be, by all means keep it.
Complete awards rules

       Tuesday Grade  1 

       * Section 1A
        Gold      Max Zhu                        Bellewood
        Silver    Wendy Zhang                    Bellewood
        Silver    Steven Fu                      Bellewood

       Tuesday Grade  2

       * Section 2A
        Gold      Andreas Boscariol              First Lutheran
        Silver    Aleksander Acovski             H J Lassaline
        Bronze    Jonathan McIntyre              H J Lassaline

       Tuesday Grade  3

       * Section 3A
        Gold      David Makarczyk                Notre Dame
        Silver    Rose Forshaw                   Saint-Ambroise
        Silver    Jathushan Krishnamohan         David Suzuki

       * Section 3B
        Gold      Christopher Rodzik             St Gregory
        Silver    Justin Cho                     First Lutheran
        Bronze    Julianna Bragga                Saint-Ambroise
        Bronze    Chris Bolton                   St Gregory

       Tuesday Grade  4

       * Section 4A
        Gold      Nick Ellison                   Our Lady of Lourdes
        Silver    Bradley Babij                  Eastwood
        Bronze    Ethan Dyke                     Queen of Peace
        Bronze    Jaden Davidson                 St Mary

       * Section 4B
        Gold      Devin Feng                     Monseigneur-Jean-Noel
        Gold      Mathio Masood                  Our Lady of Lourdes
        Bronze    Yang Li                        Eastwood
        Bronze    Anitej Bhaskar                 Northwood

       * Section 4C
        Gold      Ray Hamlin                     Christ the King
        Gold      Jeannie Zhang                  Northwood
        Bronze    Komal Sanghera                 Eastwood
        Bronze    Madeline Scarfone              St Gregory

       * Section 4D
        Gold      Henry Zhang                    Bellewood
        Silver    Alana McIntyre                 H J Lassaline
        Bronze    Gary Ahn                       First Lutheran
        Bronze    Robert Fetecau                 L A Desmarais
        Bronze    Nickolas Dudics                St William

       * Section 4E
        Gold      Rony Naim                      H J Lassaline
        Silver    Matteo Corlett                 Queen of Peace
        Bronze    Eric Lutz                      Christ the King
        Bronze    Noel Hodgson                   Mount Carmel-Blytheswood

       Tuesday Grade  5

       * Section 5A
        Gold      Zhehai Zhang                   Bellewood
        Silver    Noah Mousseau                  Our Lady of Lourdes
        Bronze    Pierce Lamont                  Monseigneur-Jean-Noel

       * Section 5B
        Gold      Jacob Price                    St Gregory
        Silver    Maddy Westfall                 Eastwood
        Silver    Noah Rocetes                   Our Lady of Lourdes
        Silver    Mustafa Rammal                 Saint-Edmond

       * Section 5C
        Gold      Joesph Kobti                   St Gregory
        Silver    Luke Mullins                   St William
        Bronze    Matthew Prior                  St Christopher
        Bronze    Joshua Tomanelli               St John de Brebeuf

       * Section 5D
        Gold      Isabella Alfini                L A Desmarais
        Gold      Gabriel Chalut                 Monseigneur-Jean-Noel
        Bronze    Nicholas Wilson                Monseigneur-Jean-Noel

       * Section 5E
        Gold      Sean Omoseni                   St William
        Silver    Ethan Dubeau                   Monseigneur-Jean-Noel
        Bronze    Cameron Rodzik                 St Gregory
        Bronze    Calvin Kett                    St Rose

       * Section 5F
        Gold      Ervin Ciellza                  St Christopher
        Silver    Shawn Sehra                    First Lutheran
        Silver    Michael Thachuk                Holy Name

       Tuesday Grade  6

       * Section 6A
        Gold      Ryan Hillman                   Saint-Ambroise
        Silver    Mihir Gupta                    A V Graham
        Bronze    Mark Verebes                   Christ the King

       * Section 6B
        Gold      Jeffrey Zhu                    Bellewood
        Silver    Brandon Fauteux                Pavillon des Jeunes
        Bronze    Kyle Babij                     Eastwood
        Bronze    Daniel Gidiline                H J Lassaline
        Bronze    Fadi Naom                      Queen of Peace
        Bronze    Alan Cieslukowski              St Maria Goretti
        Bronze    Spencer Prior                  St Mary

       * Section 6C
        Gold      Vithushan Krishnamohan         David Suzuki
        Silver    Maria Gidusey                  H J Lassaline
        Silver    Matthew Saad                   Queen of Peace
        Silver    Adam Jeffery                   Saint-Michel

       * Section 6D
        Gold      Martin Cheung                  First Lutheran
        Gold      Alex Mikho                     St Gregory
        Bronze    Owen VanOorshot-Fowler         Queen of Peace

       * Section 6E
        Gold      Marvin Zoora                   Queen of Peace
        Silver    Wyatt Hanson                   Saint-Michel
        Bronze    Nicolas Lebel                  Saint-Edmond

       * Section 6F
        Gold      Nikola Kolobaric               David Suzuki
        Silver    Alex Breault                   Saint-Ambroise
        Silver    Felix Nunes                    Saint-Michel
        Silver    Brett Parent                   St Rose

       Tuesday Grade  7

       * Section 7A
        Gold      Gursimmer Banwait              Southwood
        Silver    Brian Bashura                  David Suzuki
        Bronze    Joesph Fortier                 Eastwood

       * Section 7B
        Gold      Karthik Baskaran               Southwood
        Silver    Paul Szeto                     L A Desmarais
        Bronze    Anish Nyayachavadi             Eastwood
        Bronze    Nathan Byelery                 St Rose

       * Section 7C
        Gold      Yoyo Zhou                      Bellewood
        Silver    Frank Pavelich                 St William
        Bronze    Carly Jacobs                   St Rose

       * Section 7D
        Gold      Lukas Cheung                   Beaton
        Silver    Storm Ricciotti                St Christopher
        Silver    Stefano Lee                    LaSalle

       * Section 7E
        Gold      Kiran Menon                    Talbot Trail
        Silver    Michael Masood                 Our Lady of Lourdes
        Silver    Luke Jokic                     Beaton

       Tuesday Grade  8

       * Section 8A
        Gold      Marie-Paule Anderson           First Lutheran
        Gold      Ryan Hou                       Saint-Ambroise
        Bronze    Jakub Serek                    Christ the King
        Bronze    Matthew Thompson               First Lutheran

       * Section 8B
        Gold      Iris Cheung                    First Lutheran
        Silver    David Lauzon                   Saint-Ambroise
        Silver    Cameron Malenfant              St William

       * Section 8C
        Gold      Caroline Eberhard              First Lutheran
        Silver    Lucas Lavoie                   St Christopher
        Bronze    Joshua Rocetes                 Our Lady of Lourdes

       * Section 8D
        Gold      Erica Forshaw                  Saint-Ambroise
        Silver    Riley Prescott                 Eastwood
        Silver    Sam Daher                      Saint-Michel

       * Section 8E
        Gold      Prushoth Vivekanantha          Talbot Trail
        Silver    Eric Lopez                     Saint-Edmond
        Bronze    Antonio Roye                   St William

       Wednesday Grade  1

       * Section 1A
        Gold      Alan Bui                       Ste Cecile
        Gold      Jacob Gaisinsky                Ste Cecile
        Bronze    Soykan Acar                    Tecumseh Vista

       Wednesday Grade  2

       * Section 2A
        Gold      Rishi Damarla                  Ste Cecile
        Gold      Ziyad Emara                    Ste Cecile
        Gold      Rachel Ng                      Dougall

       Wednesday Grade  3

       * Section 3A
        Gold      Nancy Yao                      Northwood
        Silver    Dane Hostrawer                 St John Vianney
        Bronze    Matthew Toldo                  Ste Cecile

       * Section 3B
        Gold      Jack Li                        Ste Cecile
        Silver    Owen Smith                     St John Vianney
        Bronze    Matthew Llamas                 Tecumseh Vista

       * Section 3C
        Gold      Josh Derkson                   Gosfield North
        Gold      Anthony Cristofanilli          St John Vianney
        Bronze    Andrew Miletic                 St John Vianney

       Wednesday Grade  4

       * Section 4A
        Gold      Rohan Talukdar                 Central
        Silver    Jacob Young                    Saint-Jean-Baptiste
        Silver    Santhosh Cheverlharan          Saint-Jean-Baptiste

       * Section 4B
        Gold      Peter Avdoulos                 Lakeshore Discovery
        Silver    Matteo Pontoni                 Sacred Heart
        Bronze    Robin Bresolin                 Holy Cross

       * Section 4C
        Gold      Adam Gaisinsky                 Ste Cecile
        Silver    Bilal Ahmed                    Bellewood
        Silver    Carson Reaume                  Mgr Augustin Caron

       * Section 4D
        Gold      George Secen                   St Joseph
        Gold      Alex Jadischke                 Mount Carmel-Blytheswood
        Bronze    Devin Beneteau                 Mgr Augustin Caron

       Wednesday Grade  5

       * Section 5A
        Gold      Joshua Mathews                 Bellewood
        Silver    Jacob Goldman                  St Gabriel
        Silver    Jacob Chippett                 Gosfield North

       * Section 5B
        Gold      Ellen Tao                      St Gabriel
        Silver    Lewis Yau                      Mgr Augustin Caron
        Bronze    Joshua Wilkinson               David Suzuki
        Bronze    Jean-Luc Deschamps             Mgr Augustin Caron

       * Section 5C
        Gold      David Novakovic                Lakeshore Discovery
        Silver    Alek Mauro                     St John Vianney
        Bronze    Sean Mackenzie                 St Pius X

       * Section 5D
        Gold      Frank Hou                      Talbot Trail
        Silver    Jonathan Hakim                 Mgr Augustin Caron
        Bronze    Kevin Vu                       St Anne
        Bronze    Marco Desantis                 St Gabriel

       * Section 5E
        Gold      Matteo Palumbo                 Malden
        Silver    Joseph Gillard                 St Gabriel
        Bronze    Ryan Denomme                   St John Vianney

       Wednesday Grade  6

       * Section 6A
        Gold      Rahma Gillan                   Glenwood
        Silver    Matthew Thamarappallil         Our Lady of Mount Carmel
        Bronze    Eric Kang                      Our Lady of Mount Carmel

       * Section 6B
        Gold      Hannah Drew                    St John Vianney
        Silver    Brian Luong                    Dougall
        Bronze    Yu-Jin Kwon                    Our Lady of Mount Carmel

       * Section 6C
        Gold      Michael Montemurri             Our Lady of Mount Carmel
        Silver    Leo Ng                         Dougall
        Bronze    Braydon Wharram                Mgr Augustin Caron
        Bronze    Michael Schneider              St Peter

       * Section 6D
        Gold      Peter Akram                    Our Lady of Mount Carmel
        Silver    Jordan Maadi                   St John Vianney
        Bronze    Matthew DeForest               Queen Victoria
        Bronze    Safwaan Syed                   Al-Hijra

       * Section 6E
        Gold      Quin Greenaway                 Amherstburg
        Silver    Edward Beshiri                 St John Vianney
        Bronze    Bradley Hebert                 St Pius X

       Wednesday Grade  7

       * Section 7A
        Gold      Ben St. Amour                  St John Vianney
        Silver    Aiden Jansen                   Holy Cross
        Silver    Peijin Yang                    Ste Cecile

       * Section 7B
        Gold      Tyler D'Amore                  Southwood
        Silver    Adam Blak                      St Gabriel
        Bronze    Taylor Nuggent                 St Anne

       * Section 7C
        Gold      Spencer Seguin                 St Pius X
        Silver    Charbel Karam                  Ste Therese
        Bronze    Ivy Wills                      Holy Cross
        Bronze    Alexandria Masse               Dougall

       * Section 7D
        Gold      Burak Yilmaz                   Forest Glade
        Silver    Ryan Beneteau                  Mgr Augustin Caron
        Bronze    Musbah Khalaff                 Al-Hijra
        Bronze    Noah Valley                    St Anne

       * Section 7E
        Gold      Megan Jorritsma                Mgr Augustin Caron
        Silver    Michael Yeomans                Stella Maris
        Bronze    Colin Rivait                   St Joseph
        Bronze    Lydia Abraha                   Dougall

       * Section 7F
        Gold      Syed Moeed                     Bellewood
        Silver    Michael McMahon                Northwood
        Silver    Justin Ulpindo                 Our Lady of Mount Carmel

       Wednesday Grade  8

       * Section 8A
        Gold      Jan Dohring                    Ste Cecile
        Silver    Chris Wong                     Dougall
        Silver    Jacob Evans                    St Joseph

       * Section 8B
        Gold      Tian Hou                       Talbot Trail
        Silver    Nicklas Ofner                  St Peter
        Bronze    Jacob Ledgerwood               Beaton

       * Section 8C
        Gold      Jeremy Mathews                 Bellewood
        Silver    Noah Kuehfuss                  St Peter
        Silver    Lorenzo Pernasilici            Independant

       * Section 8D
        Gold      Anthony Pham                   St Anne
        Silver    Paul Bakos                     St Peter
        Silver    Denroi Clemente                St John Vianney

       * Section 8E
        Gold      Rachel Tao                     St Gabriel
        Silver    Ethan Killen                   Ste Therese
        Bronze    NIck Cull                      St John Vianney

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