Windsor Chess Challenge

Medal winners 2007

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       ** Grade 1 (playing with grade 2) 
        Silver Vivian Ren                     LaSalle Public
        Bronze Joseph Srigley                 Gosfield North

       ** Section 2A
        Gold   Nicholas Cull                  Parkview
        Silver Blain Wallace                  LaSalle Public
        Silver Alek Kanwischer                First Lutheran

       ** Section 2B
        Gold   Sean Manser                    Glenwood
        Silver Peter Wu                       Glenwood
        Bronze Armin Jusic                    Dougall Avenue

       ** Section 3A
        Gold   Calvin Wongsuna                Queen Elizabeth
        Silver Adrian Rivest                  St Christopher
        Silver Joshua Beneteau                First Lutheran
        Silver Joel Sands                     First Lutheran
        Silver Keegan Timar                   McWilliam

       ** Section 3B
        Gold   Sai Xiao                       Brock
        Silver Graham Fisher                  Glenwood
        Silver Omar Ismail                    McWilliam

       ** Section 3C
        Gold   Joe Zhang                      Glenwood
        Silver Bruce Giroux                   Ste Marguerite D'Youville
        Bronze Liam Mastronardi               Saint-Michel

       ** Section 3D
        Gold   Matthew Brockman               Our Lady of the Annunciation
        Silver Jordan Marlein                 St Christopher
        Bronze Udall Mo                       Dougall Avenue

       ** Section 4A
        Gold   Lavi Singh                     Eastwood
        Silver Bradley Gyemi                  A V Graham
        Bronze Charles Marquez                St Christopher

       ** Section 4B
        Gold   Brendan Sauve                  St William
        Silver Clinton Beaulieu               Gosfield North
        Silver R.J. Lamoureaux                Begley

       ** Section 4C
        Gold   William Zou                    Eastwood
        Gold   Junghoon Ko                    St Anne
        Bronze Chas Dillard                   McWilliam

       ** Section 4D
        Gold   Daniel George                  McWilliam
        Silver Jon Grebe                      First Lutheran
        Bronze Ryan Malott                    Gosfield North

       ** Section 4E
        Gold   Jaime Lee                      Beaton
        Silver Ben Cheung                     First Lutheran
        Bronze Quinn Santoro                  St Anne
        Bronze Bilal Khan                     Brock

       ** Section 4F
        Gold   Brandon Nantais                A V Graham
        Silver Emily Robinson                 McWilliam
        Bronze Isaac Seifarth                 First Lutheran

       ** Section 4G
        Gold   Andy Wang                      LaSalle Public
        Silver Jack Swiatoschik               First Lutheran
        Bronze Vasau Shah                     Brock
        Bronze Amy Qui                        Eastwood
        Bronze Youssef Ahmed                  Hetherington

       ** Section 4H
        Gold   Ian Anderson                   Glenwood
        Gold   Cyrus Chase                    Coronation
        Gold   Quinton Gomez                  Saint-Michel

       ** Section 5A
        Gold   Simon Tang                     Benson
        Silver Trevor Brisson                 St Rose
        Bronze Ethan Pratas                   Queen of Peace

       ** Section 5B
        Gold   Joshua Richer                  McWilliam
        Silver Kyle Slade                     St William
        Bronze Aimme Li                       Glenwood
        Bronze Tyler Buzzell                  A V Graham

       ** Section 5C
        Gold   Robert Roeder                  St Rose
        Silver Mohsyn Malik                   A V Graham
        Bronze Kevin Ma                       Dougall Avenue

       ** Section 5D
        Gold   Ian Manser                     Glenwood
        Silver Chris Grebe                    First Lutheran
        Bronze Jasmine Rosete                 Immaculate Conception
        Bronze Melanie Daniel                 St Gregory
        Bronze Ashton McInnis                 Saint-Michel

       ** Section 5E
        Gold   Daniel Lau                     First Lutheran
        Silver Tyler Symons                   Saint-Michel
        Bronze Leo Zhu                        Glenwood

       ** Section 5F
        Gold   Nathan Leung                   St Gregory
        Silver Raymond Hoang                  Hetherington
        Bronze Mikaela Morin                  First Lutheran

       ** Section 5G
        Gold   Nathan Hesman                  LaSalle Public
        Silver Michael Dessureault            Prince Andrew
        Bronze Dennis Muliawan                Hetherington

       ** Section 5H
        Gold   Simon Pupulin                  St Gregory
        Silver Jordan Horrobin                Glenwood
        Silver J.R. Saifan                    Prince Andrew

       ** Section 5I
        Gold   Preston Soucie                 St Anne
        Gold   Toni Panti                     Begley
        Bronze Hunter White                   Gosfield North

       ** Section 6A
        Gold   Avi Singh                      Eastwood
        Silver John Asumen                    Immaculate Conception
        Bronze Joseph Lopez                   St Pius X

       ** Section 6B
        Gold   Emmanuel Igbokwe               Prince Andrew
        Gold   Brett Giroux                   Ste Marguerite D'Youville
        Gold   Ahmed Saleh                    McWilliam

       ** Section 6C
        Gold   Aishwary Gupta                 A V Graham
        Silver Nilo Tavares                   St Rose
        Bronze Brandon Mathew                 First Lutheran
        Bronze Andrew Nguyen                  St Christopher
        Bronze Jordan Thrasher                Ste Marguerite D'Youville
        Bronze Tim Garant                     H J Lassaline

       ** Section 6D
        Gold   Steven Bierer                  First Lutheran
        Silver Blake Rutckyj                  St Pius X
        Silver Daniel Sims                    LaSalle Public

       ** Section 6E
        Gold   Luc Marcoux                    Ste Thérèse
        Silver Nikko Costantin                First Lutheran
        Bronze Jianan Wang                    LaSalle Public
        Bronze Caleb Thibodeau                St Pius X

       ** Section 6F
        Gold   James Krey                     First Lutheran
        Silver Chris El-Haddad                St Rose
        Bronze Paul Rapsing                   St Anne

       ** Section 6G
        Gold   Colton Finn                    St Rose
        Silver Riley MacDonald                Immaculate Conception
        Silver Mark McWhinney                 Malden Central Public

       ** Section 6H
        Gold   Samveg Shah                    Brock
        Gold   Natan Veinberg                 A V Graham
        Bronze Maria Giorlando                St Rose
        Bronze Blake Tytgat                   Malden Central Public

       ** Section 6I
        Gold   Delia Soucie                   St Anne
        Silver Joseph Zhou                    Glenwood
        Bronze Ryan Perryman                  St Rose

       ** Section 6J
        Gold   Sully Robson                   St Rose
        Silver Cody Gillis                    McWilliam
        Bronze Matthew Peltier                St Gregory

       ** Section 7A
        Gold   Kaiti Wu                       Northwood
        Gold   Vincent Rocheleau              Ste Th?r?se
        Gold   Ed Girard                      Malden Central Public

       ** Section 7B
        Gold   Tyler Doyle                    McWilliam
        Silver Austin Wongsuna                Queen Elizabeth
        Bronze S?bastien Simonetti            Ste Th?r?se

       ** Section 7C
        Gold   Kevin Richer                   McWilliam
        Silver Alex Tang                      Eastwood
        Bronze Marcel Lariviere               Ste Marguerite D'Youville

       ** Section 7D
        Gold   Cooper Faust                   First Lutheran
        Silver Jay Jogani                     Brock
        Bronze Khalil Graham                  H J Lassaline
        Bronze Matthew D                      St Gregory
        Bronze Matthew Debly                  Our Lady of Mount Carmel
        Bronze Mayce Mirza                    St William

       ** Section 7E
        Gold   Juan Pablo Serrano             St Pius X
        Silver Gage Taggart                   McWilliam
        Bronze Frank Piazza                   St Gregory

       ** Section 7F
        Gold   Patrick Pomerleau-Perron       Ste Marguerite D'Youville
        Silver Jeuz Sala                      St Anne
        Bronze Anthony Piazza                 St Gregory

       ** Section 7G
        Gold   Mason Allen                    St Pius X
        Gold   Steven McWhinney               Malden Central Public
        Bronze Cassidy Siverns                St Anne

       ** Section 7H
        Gold   Omid Ghiyasian                 Begley
        Silver Mica Hesman                    LaSalle Public
        Bronze Tom McCormick                  Malden Central Public

       ** Section 8A
        Gold   Michael Nguyen                 Immaculate Conception
        Silver Devin Manning                  Malden Central Public
        Bronze Matthew Hedge                  Gosfield North

       ** Section 8B
        Gold   Jordan Gagnier                 First Lutheran
        Silver Jane Rosete                    Immaculate Conception
        Silver  (name removed by request)

       ** Section 8C
        Gold   Adam Elkeeb                    McWilliam
        Silver Madeline Laporte               First Lutheran
        Silver Johny Krahn                    A V Graham
        Silver Darren Pepper                  Hetherington

       ** Section 8D
        Gold   Ming Pan                       Dougall Avenue
        Gold   Nenad Preradovic               Hetherington
        Bronze Kyle Leonarduzzi               A V Graham

       ** Section 8E
        Gold   Jacob Taykor                   First Lutheran
        Silver Collin Teissen                 St Pius X
        Bronze Vignesh Ramachandran           A V Graham
        Bronze Aidan Rivait                   St Anne

       ** Section 8F
        Gold   Brian Tang                     Eastwood
        Gold   Bowei Yao                      Dougall Avenue
        Bronze William Roeder                 St Rose

       ** Section 8G
        Gold   Sachith Jayasuriya             Glenwood
        Gold   Jawdat Saleh                   Saint-Edmond
        Bronze Tasneem Zaman                  Eastwood

Tuesday ** Section 1A Gold Josiah Taylor Maranatha Silver Aiedan Jansen Holy Cross Bronze Nicklaas Zuidema Maranatha Bronze Jonathan Agapito Concord ** Section 1B Gold Samuel Zhang Maranatha Silver Kevin Cheung Bellewood Silver Juno Oh Forest Glade ** Section 2A Gold Juan Jaramillo Christ the King Silver Andre Seguin Holy Cross Bronze Grant Hillman Saint-Ambroise ** Section 2B Gold Rachel Tao St Gabriel Silver Ryan Hou Saint-Ambroise Bronze Erica Forshaw Saint-Ambroise ** Section 3A Gold Matthew Bilek Harrow Sr Silver Nicholas Mihalo Christ the King Bronze Christopher Gregorian Bellewood ** Section 3B Gold Jarrod Diliva Harrow Sr Silver David DeForest Queen Victoria Bronze Daniel Manera Maranatha ** Section 3C Gold Demos Sabalis Queen Victoria Silver Durval Farias Harrow Sr Bronze Alex Orshinsky Victoria ** Section 3D Gold Joshua Taylor Maranatha Silver Nathan Andrei Victoria Silver Kelvin Wu Queen Victoria Silver Pierre Yousif L A Desmarais ** Section 3E Gold Wesley Rodriques Harrow Sr Silver Tamara Vujic Forest Glade Bronze Christopher Meloche Christ the King Bronze Sean Cerkauskas Anderdon Central ** Section 4A Gold Luke VanNoggeren Harrow Sr Silver Cody Pettypiece Forest Glade Bronze Carla Passador St Gabriel ** Section 4B Gold Tyler Santilli St Gabriel Silver Joel Rorseth Anderdon Central Silver Andrew Pimiskern Forest Glade ** Section 4C Gold Aidan Smith Queen Victoria Silver Vincent Ibrahim Holy Cross Bronze Jacob Coghill Kingsville Bronze Joseph Slikboer St John de Brebeuf ** Section 4D Gold Thomas Swiatoschik St Joseph Silver Cal Toop Forest Glade Silver Nick Leipold East Mersea ** Section 4E Gold Eric Turnbull Forest Glade Silver Brendan Antaya Saint-Ambroise Bronze Ryan Dupuis St John Vianney ** Section 4F Gold Andy Nguyen Christ the King Silver Blake Van Zetten Forest Glade Bronze Eric Hou Saint-Ambroise ** Section 4G Gold Amritpal Singh Southwood Silver Liam Simone Christ the King Bronze Eric Oltrop Kingsville ** Section 5A Gold Dylan Joncas Anderdon Central Gold Jared Cummings St Gabriel Bronze Kenan Cangirli Forest Glade Bronze Emilio Quaggiotto St Mary ** Section 5B Gold Liam Dunn St Anthony Gold Fadi Mansour St John Vianney Gold Julia Lei Talbot Trail Public ** Section 5C Gold Stephen Passador St Gabriel Silver Kaine Richards Mgr Augustin Caron Bronze Kevin Ryan Forest Glade ** Section 5D Gold Hannah Taylor Maranatha Silver Patrick Cuffaro Holy Cross Bronze Aeryn Ng Concord Bronze Brandon Hromi St Peter ** Section 5E Gold Jacob Diab Holy Cross Silver Joseph Ofner St Peter Bronze Hakeem Sadiq Concord ** Section 5F Gold Austin Burns Peddle Christ the King Silver Amy Basilious Maranatha Silver Cristiano Fontana Monseigneur-Jean-Noel ** Section 5G Gold Stephen Despic St Peter Silver Rober Barnier Harrow Sr Silver Johnny Piroli St John de Brebeuf Silver Daniel Gillis St Mary ** Section 5H Gold Shivangi Sharma Southwood Silver Jeffery Bilek Harrow Sr Bronze Michael D'Agostini Christ the King ** Section 5I Gold Maria Jaramillo Christ the King Silver Joshua Lambier Harrow Sr Bronze Chen Chang Campbell ** Section 5J Gold Joshua Myers Holy Name Silver Curtis Mannell Harrow Sr Silver Nicholas Panecaldo St Mary ** Section 6A Gold Calvin Fujimoto-Cassidy Anderdon Central Silver Billy Trudell Saint-Ambroise Silver AJ Ammoscato St Joseph ** Section 6B Gold Brooke Bondy Sainte-Ursule Gold Jacob Baillargeon St Joseph Bronze Paul Gillard St Gabriel ** Section 6C Gold Nick McGraw Forest Glade Silver Jason Zhang Campbell Bronze Corey Biddle St Joseph Bronze Matthew Budinsky St Bernard (Amherstburg) Bronze Duncan Scott Anderdon Central Bronze Michael Mudrack King Edward ** Section 6D Gold Spencer Comeau L A Desmarais Silver Cody Roath St John Vianney Silver Sarah Drury Sainte-Ursule ** Section 6E Gold Bradley Tiessen Harrow Sr Silver Dante Giglio Christ the King Bronze Nathan Veres St John Vianney Bronze Nicole Bourdkane Monseigneur-Jean-Noel ** Section 6F Gold Jordan Katrib Queen Victoria Silver David Canji Maranatha Silver Brandon Mihalo Christ the King Silver Nick Swiatoschik St Joseph ** Section 6G Gold James Meilleur Harrow Sr Silver Zachary Zamojski St Gabriel Bronze S?bastien Gerdun Monseigneur-Jean-Noel ** Section 6H Gold Mitko Nikolov Concord Silver Cody Fields St Joseph Bronze Kartik Sharma Southwood Bronze Paul Bahnam St John Vianney ** Section 6I Gold Kevin Macchio Kingsville Gold Melvin Freeman Anderdon Central Bronze Anthony C?t? Mgr Augustin Caron Bronze Lindsay Masse Monseigneur-Jean-Noel ** Section 6J Gold Barento Muhedin Campbell Silver Evan Falkner St Gabriel Bronze Amy Papineau Saint-Ambroise ** Section 7A Gold Henry Cheng Campbell Silver Colin Zorzit St Gabriel Bronze Omar Al-Rayess Al-Hijra Bronze Matthew Sleiman Talbot Trail Public ** Section 7B Gold Hunter Qin Campbell Silver Shayne McClaughlin Kingsville Silver Michael McGuire St Mary ** Section 7C Gold Andrew D'Agostini Christ the King Gold Arjun Balachandar Talbot Trail Public Silver Anthony Siu Notre Dame ** Section 7D Gold Cameron McDonald St John Vianney Silver Tyler Turner Concord Silver Forrest Deslippe Amherstburg Silver Michael Loncaric Christ the King Silver Jon Beck King Edward ** Section 7E Gold Tony Bourdkane Monseigneur-Jean-Noel Silver David Vo Christ the King Bronze Kyler Kwiatkowski Mount Carmel-Blytheswood ** Section 7F Gold Kelsey Joncas Anderdon Central Gold Andrew McCall Saint-Ambroise Silver Taylor Morrow St Gabriel ** Section 7G Gold Melissa Lee Talbot Trail Public Silver Cole Mogg Anderdon Central Silver Youssef Mansour Monseigneur-Jean-Noel ** Section 7H Gold Marc Renaud Monseigneur-Jean-Noel Silver Brett Iler Campbell Silver Kyle Hedges Kingsville ** Section 8A Gold Cole Gilbert Anderdon Central Gold Daniel Hu Campbell Bronze Mohammed Akkawi Al-Hijra ** Section 8B Gold Alex Harris Anderdon Central Gold Andrew Curelea Forest Glade Bronze Marc Mass? Kingsville Bronze Ian McCall Saint-Ambroise ** Section 8C Gold Sarah Almasalkhi Al-Hijra Gold Michael Diet Concord Gold Robby Papineau Saint-Ambroise ** Section 8D Gold Ron Najibzadeh Kingsville Silver Cameron Scott Anderdon Central Silver Darren Quennell Saint-Ambroise ** Section 8E Gold Bowen Jiang Talbot Trail Public Silver Tyler Bellaire St Mary Bronze Victor Vucicevich Harrow Sr ** "Section 8F Gold Steven Gervais Holy Cross Silver Kyle Shaw Anderdon Central Bronze Lucas Allen Sainte-Ursule ** Section 8G Gold Daniel Blata Maranatha Silver Jonathan Burgess Anderdon Central Bronze Mark Kemski Concord

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