Windsor Chess Challenge

Tuesday February 26th, or Wednesday February 27th, 2019

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Registered players as of February 15, 5.00pm

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day Name grade school
TUE Abadjian, Alex 4 First Lutheran
TUE Abadjian, Aram 6 First Lutheran
WED Abalajon, Vincent 5 St Joseph
TUE Abdalla, Yousif 5 Immaculate Conception
TUE Abdallah Oumar, Souleyman 6 Begley
TUE Abo Shaqra, Ramiz 4 Immaculate Conception
WED Aboukameel, Adeeb 7 Glenwood
WED Abounaag, Saleem 7 Sandwich West
TUE Abouzhara, Namar 2 Forest Glade
TUE Abro, Elijah 2 First Lutheran
WED Abughazaleh, Bilal 8 Al-Hijra
WED Abughazaleh, Taher 6 Al-Hijra
TUE Abuhamda, Eyas 5 Talbot Trail
WED Abusamra, Leen 3 Marlborough
WED Abusamra, Samir 6 Marlborough
WED Acovski- Berze, Milan 4 Suzuki
WED Adam, A.J. 6 Harrow
WED Adhami, Mahmoud 7 Al-Hijra
WED Adhami, Zayd 4 Al-Hijra
WED Adragna, Gaspare 5 Jack Miner
TUE Afif, Sylena 3 St Christopher
WED Ahmet, Sadik 8 Prince Edward
WED Aiello, Gianmarco 7 Mgr Jean Noel
TUE Akinlaja, Ayomide 7 Ste Cecile
TUE Al Amari, Mohamad 6 Queen Elizabeth
WED Al Hakani, Ali 6 Prince Edward
WED Al Hallak, Ibrahim 4 Prince Edward
WED Al Hussein, Abdullah 4 Prince Edward
WED Al Kurdi, Naya 3 Prince Edward
TUE Al Nesser, Taim 3 Talbot Trail
WED Al Riahi, Abdulmajeed 4 Al-Hijra
TUE Al Salamah, Khalil 4 Louise-Charron
WED Al-Dailami, Aya 3 West Gate
TUE Al-hassanieh, Samer 8 Forest Glade
TUE Al-Saeedy, Mahdi 6 Roseland
TUE Al-Shaer, Samir 6 Louise-Charron
TUE Al-Ubeidi, Hussain 5 Saint-Michel
WED Al-Wahami, Yousef 8 Glenwood
WED Alamjareesh, Mohammad 6 St James
TUE Albalkhi, Sami 4 Talbot Trail
WED Albert, Douglas 8 Glenwood
WED Alford, Victor 6 St James
WED Alhadidi, Khaled 3 West Gate
WED Aliko, Jon 8 Holy Cross
TUE Alkabbani, Kareem 8 Roseland
TUE Alkhalaf, Saeed 4 Immaculate Conception
TUE Alkriti, Ahmad 5 Louise-Charron
TUE Allan, Alyssa 4 Maranatha
TUE Allen, Mitchell 7 Cardinal Carter
WED Allison, John 4 Saint-Ambroise
WED Allison, Sebastian 4 D M Eagle
WED Almousawi, Ali 5 Marlborough
WED Altaani, Tareq 6 St James
TUE Altamimi, Amira 8 Begley
WED Alton, Cole 4 Suzuki
WED Alton, Shea 1 Suzuki
WED Amaral, Marla 3 St Louis
TUE Amin, Rayyaan 6 Begley
TUE Amjad, Ahad 8 Forest Glade
TUE Andary, Arianne 8 Ste Marguerite D'Youville
TUE Andrade, Mason 5 Lakeshore Discovery
TUE Andrea, Aymen 6 St Rose
WED Angus, Alex 4 Beaton
WED Angus, Kyle 3 Beaton
WED Aosafadi, Mohammad 5 Hetherington
WED Aserha, Ahmad 7 Prince Edward
TUE Ashley, Dylan 4 St Christopher
TUE Ashton, Reid 4 St Rose
TUE Asim, Ahmad 8 Southwood
WED Atanasio, Claire 3 St Anthony
TUE Athavale, Jacob 8 St Peter
TUE Au, Charlie 6 O.L. of Perpetual Help
TUE Au, Emily 5 O.L. of Perpetual Help
WED Audrey, Dib 7 Glenwood
WED Augustine, Blake 3 Kingsville
TUE Avila, Axel 3 Immaculate Conception
TUE Avila, Evan 5 Immaculate Conception
TUE Ayite Apeti, Mation 7 Saint-Edmond
TUE Azar, Andrew 4 St Peter
TUE Azar, Ellis 6 Ste Marguerite D'Youville
WED Azar, Kaitlyn 6 Holy Cross
TUE Azar, Nathan 4 St Peter
WED Baci, Musa 7 St Angela
WED Badgley, Alex 8 Brock
TUE Bai, Minyan 7 Central
WED Bains-Khatra, Atam 6 Sandwich West
WED Bakaa, Hussain 4 Gore Hill
TUE Bakatwamba, Mordecai 6 Ste Therese
TUE Bakbouk, Tasnim 4 Immaculate Conception
TUE Bal, Avinoor 6 Talbot Trail
WED Balmos, Zachary 5 St Angela
WED Barazi, Omar 6 D M Eagle
WED Barette, Nathan 4 Saint-Antoine
WED Barnewall, Ethan 5 Gore Hill
WED Barreto, Xavier 5 Kingsville
WED Barrette, Christopher 6 Holy Cross
TUE Barrette, Nicholas 7 St Peter
WED Barry, Auston 7 O.L. of Mount Carmel
TUE Barta, Aaron 6 Ste Therese
WED Bartel, Hudson 5 Jack Miner
TUE Basile, Ryan 6 O.L. of Perpetual Help
WED Bates, Grayson 4 Beaton
WED Baylis, Jamyson 5 Hetherington
WED Bazinet, Keegan 7 Corpus Christi
TUE Bazzi, Batoul 5 Louise-Charron
TUE Bazzi, Hadi 4 Louise-Charron
TUE Bazzi, Haydin 3 Lakeshore Discovery
TUE Bazzi, Rokaya 3 Louise-Charron
WED Beaver, Ray 8 Harrow
TUE Bedard, Abigail 6 Saint-Michel
TUE Bedard, Shaila 4 St Pius X
WED Bedford, Christian 4 Gore Hill
WED Belcoure, Ryan 3 West Gate
TUE Beles, Yason 6 Saint-Michel
WED Belisle, Emily 7 Saint-Antoine
WED Bell, Andre 6 West Gate
TUE Bell, Jonah 7 Talbot Trail
TUE Bell, Owen 6 Lakeshore Discovery
WED Bellefeuille, Connor 4 Sandwich West
WED Benhassan, Obeida 5 Marlborough
TUE Benoit, Jonas 4 Saint-Jean Baptiste
TUE Bensette, Nathan 3 St Christopher
WED Bergen, Owen 5 Kingsville
TUE Bergen, Tyson 6 Queen Elizabeth
WED Berry, Talon 5 Brock
TUE Bertrand, Shawn 6 St Rose
WED Bertuccio, Gianni 6 Holy Cross
TUE Bezaire, Trevor 5 Ste Marguerite D'Youville
TUE Bhattacharjee, Rahul 7 Ste Marguerite D'Youville
TUE Bhogal, Ritu 6 Roseland
TUE Bhogal, Tarandeep 7 Central
WED Bickerstaff, Julius 7 West Gate
WED Biekx, Emily 4 Jack Miner
TUE Bierer, Benjamin 2 Ste Marguerite D'Youville
TUE Bierer, Isabella 4 Ste Marguerite D'Youville
TUE Bilal, Kareem 4 Talbot Trail
WED Bisnett, Taylor 4 Harrow
WED Blanchette-Stock, Dominique 8 Saint-Antoine
WED Blunt, Maxine 7 A21
WED Blunt, Oliver 8 A21
WED Boismier, Lennox 6 Notre Dame
TUE Bommarito, Aidan 6 Lakeshore Discovery
TUE Bommarito, Isaiah 4 Lakeshore Discovery
TUE Bonasso, Teodore 8 Saint-Jean Baptiste
TUE Bondy, Link 4 Lakeshore Discovery
TUE Bondy, Zachary 5 St Gabriel
WED Borek, Philip 6 Christ the King
TUE Bouchard, Fitz 6 St Rose
TUE Bouchard, Graeme 3 St Rose
WED Bouchard, Whit 8 Corpus Christi
WED Bouillet, Alizeh 4 Sandwich West
TUE Bourdeau, Michael 6 St William
WED Boychuk, Julia 5 St Angela
WED Brannagan, Shelby 7 St Joseph
TUE Bratic, Stefan 8 Giles
TUE Brazier, Bennett 6 Ste Marguerite D'Youville
TUE Brbeej, Fadi 5 Immaculate Conception
TUE Brokalakis, Sophia 7 Davis
TUE Brookes-Broadfoot, Carter 5 St Rose
WED Brown, Kayne 5 Dougall
WED Brown, Liam 5 Gore Hill
WED Brown, Marcus 5 Mgr Augustin Caron
WED Bruce, Isaac 7 Holy Cross
WED Brush, Shawn 8 St Joseph
WED Bublick, Tessa 6 Saint-Antoine
TUE Bui, Alan 7 Roseland
TUE Bulla, Joshua 6 Maranatha
TUE Bulmer, Jersey 6 Davis
TUE Bulmer, Trent 8 Davis
TUE Burgess, Hanah 6 O.L. of Perpetual Help
WED Burke, Quinn 6 Saint-Ambroise
TUE Burns, Thomas-Xavier 7 Saint-Michel
TUE Bushnell, Jilliann 8 Saint-Jean Baptiste
WED Butler, Reece 4 Dougall
WED Buzzeo, Luca 6 Sacred Heart
TUE Byrne, Nicholas 6 St John the Evangelist
WED Byrne, Owen 5 Saint-Ambroise
WED Cabana, Ryan 7 Sacred Heart
WED Cagan, Jarrod 6 Brock
WED Callow, Coleton 5 Hetherington
WED Cameron, Lucas 6 St James
TUE Campbell, Aidan 7 Ste Marguerite D'Youville
TUE Campbell, Stone 6 St Pius X
TUE Campbell, Sulley 4 St Pius X
TUE Canjar, Owen 6 Ste Therese
TUE Caravaggio, Cassie 3 St Christopher
WED Carlini, Landon 3 St Louis
TUE Carmickle, Aiden 7 St Peter
TUE Carmickle, Evan 7 St Peter
TUE Caro, Daniel 8 St Peter
WED Carom, Sienna 6 D M Eagle
TUE Caron, Christian 8 Cardinal Carter
WED Carreiro, Cole 5 St Louis
WED Carriere, Anthony 8 Brock
TUE Carroll, Mitchell 4 Lakeshore Discovery
WED Carter, Joshua 4 Sacred Heart
WED Carter, Memphis 6 Harrow
TUE Carvallo, Ethan 8 St Peter
TUE Cascio, Gianna 7 St William
WED Catherwood, Thomas 8 St Joseph
TUE Chaganti, Tesko 6 Southwood
WED Chamney, Connor 8 Hetherington
WED Chamney, Curtis 4 Hetherington
TUE Chan, Anieu 4 Roseland
TUE Chan, Marcus 4 Tecumseh Vista
TUE Chang, Nicholas 6 Talbot Trail
TUE Chanpurdi, Fateh 6 Roseland
WED Charbonneau, Sofia 4 Saint-Antoine
TUE Chauvin, Justin 8 St John Vianney
TUE Cheema, Rehat 6 Talbot Trail
WED Chen, Lei 4 Dougall
TUE Chen, Nathan 2 First Lutheran
WED Chen, Rayton 8 Glenwood
WED Chikani, Peter 6 St James
WED Chimm, Michael 7 Holy Cross
WED Chisesi, Christian 7 Holy Cross
WED Chisholm, Cohen 4 Gore Hill
TUE Chisholm, William 4 Gosfield North
TUE Chitte, Sneha 7 Bellewood
WED Cho, Elliot 6 Beaton
WED Cho, Laura 7 O.L. of Mount Carmel
TUE Cholagh, Adelina 3 Immaculate Conception
TUE Choo, Saw 8 Queen Elizabeth
TUE Chrisomalis, Arthur 8 Central
WED Church, Ben 8 A21
WED Ciliska, Gage 2 Jack Miner
TUE Cipkar, Ryan 6 Malden
TUE Clement, Tyler 5 Queen Elizabeth
TUE Clinansmith, Kyran 5 Herman
WED Clooney-White, Emmet 5 D M Eagle
TUE Coffey, Owen 7 Giles
TUE Collard, Ayden 6 Gosfield North
TUE Conlon, Sean 4 Maranatha
WED Connell, Curtis 5 West Gate
TUE Connell, Helen 2 Bellewood
WED Cope, Bella 6 O.L. of Mount Carmel
WED Corazza, Lucas 5 O.L. of Mount Carmel
WED Cormier, Alec 8 Holy Cross
WED Cornies, Gracynn 2 Jack Miner
TUE Costa, Mickayla 4 St Pius X
TUE Cote, Aaron 5 Tecumseh Vista
WED Coughlin, Tommy 7 St Anthony
WED Couvillon, Chase 4 St Anthony
TUE Couvillon, Cohen 4 Gosfield North
TUE Cowan, Bella 6 Lakeshore Discovery
WED Cowling, Alyssa 7 Holy Cross
TUE Coyle, Patrick 3 St Rose
WED Crankshaw, Sarah 7 A21
TUE Crispo, John 8 St Peter
WED Critchlow, Helena 6 Dougall
WED Cruickshank, Kenya 8 Harrow
WED Cueca, David 7 Suzuki
WED Cueca, Eric 4 Suzuki
TUE Cuglietta, Cameron 4 St Gabriel
TUE Curtis, Brody 7 Ste Therese
TUE Curtis, Jacques 4 Ste Therese
WED Cuz, Lian 4 Christ the King
WED Daigle, Nathan 3 Kingsville
TUE Daloul, Linda 8 Roseland
TUE Dalton, Landin 4 Gosfield North
WED Dam, Jacob 8 Glenwood
TUE Damarla, Rishi 8 Ste Cecile
WED Dame, Colton 4 Beaton
WED Danaher, Ethan 4 Coronation
TUE Danial, Rafael 5 St Christopher
TUE Daniel, Karam 6 O.L. of Perpetual Help
TUE Daniels Reid, Kalan 8 Central
TUE Dave, Neel 4 Talbot Trail
TUE Davis, Terrence 8 Talbot Trail
TUE Davis-Harun, Kamiya 4 Giles
TUE Dawson, Elliott 4 Lakeshore Discovery
WED Dawson, Matt 5 Suzuki
WED Deans, Joey 4 Prince Edward
WED Delaurier, Luke 5 West Gate
WED DeLaurier, Taylyn 4 Jack Miner
WED Delgado, Daniel 5 Coronation
WED Delle Valle, Caden 6 D M Eagle
WED DeLorenzi, Lucas 5 St Louis
WED Demant, Andrew 5 Gore Hill
TUE Dervis, Aisha 6 Begley
WED Desborough, Katie 2 Gore Hill
WED Deschene, Braidon 5 Saint-Antoine
TUE Diab, Andre 5 St Gabriel
WED DiCaro, Gabby 7 Christ the King
WED Didone, Kaden 6 Harrow
TUE Diemer, Carson 7 Gosfield North
TUE Diemer, Hudson 5 Gosfield North
WED DiLaudo, Nathan 7 Kingsville
WED Dimov, Alexandra 6 D M Eagle
TUE Dinatake, Massimo 5 St John Vianney
WED DiPierdomenico, Chael 5 Mgr Jean Noel
TUE Diponio, Christian 7 Tecumseh Vista
WED Disheau, Duncan 6 Brock
WED Ditouras, Billy 7 St Angela
WED Dobson, Andrew 8 Jack Miner
WED Dolor, Gabriel 7 West Gate
WED Donatelli, Nicholas 6 Holy Cross
TUE Doris, Epeus 7 Maranatha
TUE Doris, Joseph 5 Maranatha
WED Dowie, Marshall 4 Saint-Antoine
TUE Drouillard, Ryan 8 Home schooled
WED Ducharme, Kailey 7 Saint-Ambroise
TUE Duck, Andrew 6 Maranatha
TUE Dudfield, Owen 1 Bellewood
TUE Dufault, Maddyx 7 Central
TUE Dufour, Brayden 5 Saint-Jean Baptiste
TUE Duhig, Lexi 7 Gosfield North
WED Dumouchelle, Landon 7 Harrow
WED Duncan, Will 6 Suzuki
TUE Dunmore, Andre 6 Queen Elizabeth
WED Dunne, Michael 7 Holy Cross
WED Dupras, Donovin 6 West Gate
TUE Durham, Gracie 6 Saint-Jean Baptiste
WED Durham, Jacob 7 St Joseph
TUE Dutot, Ashley 5 Gosfield North
TUE Dutot, Blain 4 Gosfield North
WED Dwyer, Liam 8 Coronation
WED Eagen, Taylor 8 Hetherington
WED Eaglesham, Robert 3 West Gate
TUE Ecaterinescu, Edward 3 St John Vianney
TUE Eccles, Stefany 5 St Rose
TUE Edgar, Michael 8 Lakeshore Discovery
WED El Bakri, Mahmoud 7 Marlborough
TUE El Mais, Adnan 4 Louise-Charron
TUE El Tawil, Ahmad 4 Giles
WED El-Eshaal, Rayan 6 D M Eagle
TUE El-Soury, Elias 4 Ste Therese
WED Elias, Carter 1 Jack Miner
WED Emily, Le 7 Glenwood
WED Enns, Barrett 6 Gore Hill
TUE Erickson, Freja 5 Saint-Jean Baptiste
TUE Esho, Paul 6 St Gabriel
TUE Esho, Peter 8 St Gabriel
TUE Esro, Marino 8 St Gabriel
TUE Etikala, Sai 6 Southwood
WED Evans, Jamie 4 Marlborough
WED Evon, Elizabeth 7 Sacred Heart
TUE Evon, Luc 3 Home schooled
WED Evon, Sebastian 4 Sacred Heart
TUE Fabian, Erik 6 Talbot Trail
WED faccinari, Giovanni 4 Christ the King
WED Faccinari, Olivia 6 Christ the King
TUE Falls, Ben 5 St John Vianney
TUE Falls, Sam 3 St John Vianney
WED Fanella, Olivia 5 Notre Dame
WED Farah, Shahda 8 Prince Edward
TUE Farrand, Chase 8 Tecumseh Vista
TUE Farrand, Matthew 6 St Pius X
WED Farrukh, Aayyan 8 Marlborough
TUE Fitzpatrick, Tyler 6 St John the Evangelist
WED Flannigan, Colin 6 Christ the King
WED Flannigan, Eileen 2 Christ the King
WED Flaricee, Zarina 6 Coronation
TUE Flemming, Drew 4 Lakeshore Discovery
TUE Flores, Jeremias 7 Davis
TUE Foglia, Adam 4 St Rose
WED Fonseca, Riley 6 Coronation
WED Fonseca, Zander 5 Coronation
WED Fortin, Logan 6 Kingsville
WED Francis, Isabella 6 O.L. of Mount Carmel
WED Francoeur, Adam 5 Saint-Antoine
WED Frias, Jack 5 Holy Cross
WED Friesen, Malachi 6 Coronation
TUE Froese, Ashley 6 Queen Elizabeth
WED Froese, Evelyn 1 Home schooled
WED Frose, Luc 7 Saint-Antoine
WED Fuduric, Anthony 7 Saint-Antoine
WED Fuerth, Stella 6 D M Eagle
WED Gabriele, Kaden 8 Jack Miner
TUE Gaffan, Roman 3 St John Vianney
WED Gailitis, Jennifer 4 Mgr Augustin Caron
WED Gaisinsky, Jacob 7 O.L. of Mount Carmel
TUE Garnica, Jeo 5 O.L. of Perpetual Help
TUE Garunja, Gracie 7 Davis
WED Gatto, Beau 5 A21
WED Gaudett, Christopher 6 Prince Edward
TUE Gavial, Michael 8 St Gabriel
WED Gbenga-Williams, Subomi 5 St Angela
TUE Gebauer, Noah 7 Saint-Edmond
WED Gelinas, Merecedes 7 Marlborough
TUE Gereige, Benjamin 2 Herman
TUE Gertrudiz, Jesus 5 St William
TUE Gertsakis, Adam 3 Tecumseh Vista
WED Gervais, Dustin 8 Prince Edward
TUE Ghanem, Mary 8 Roseland
TUE Gharbian, Mgo 8 St Pius X
TUE Ghazzawe, Hamzah 3 Talbot Trail
WED Ghemraoui, Yahia 8 Al-Hijra
TUE Gignac, Luke 6 Central
WED Gignac, Ted 8 Holy Cross
WED Gignac, Theresa 5 Holy Cross
WED Gigniac, Avery 7 Sacred Heart
WED Gillan, Aleena 7 Glenwood
TUE Gillis, Sawyer 5 St Pius X
WED Gin, Alexander 6 Sandwich West
WED Girard, Jake 4 Notre Dame
TUE Girard, Ryan 5 Southwood
WED Giroux, Henry 4 St Anthony
TUE Gobbo, Raphael 3 St John Vianney
TUE Golab, Andrew 7 Central
WED Gonzalez-Ayala, Genaro 8 St Angela
WED Gonzalez-Ayala, Ricardo 7 St Angela
WED Gonzalez-Ayala, Roxana 5 St Angela
WED Gordon, Aliya 4 Prince Edward
TUE Goslin, Sidney 7 Malden
TUE Gossling, Blake 4 Herman
TUE Govindarajan, Srikiran 8 Southwood
TUE Govindarajan, Tarun 6 Southwood
WED Grammatico, Ellessia 8 Notre Dame
WED Grant, Quinn 7 Saint-Ambroise
TUE Gravel, Vincent 2 Louise-Charron
WED Gray, Jack 5 D M Eagle
WED Grenier Labelle, Deon 5 St James
TUE Grewal, Aggam 8 Central
TUE Grgicak, Karina 7 St William
TUE Grisch, Dylan 6 Saint-Edmond
TUE Grondin, Ed 8 Malden
WED Grondin, Lauren 7 Sacred Heart
TUE Grosse-Flannigan, Shamaya 6 Saint-Edmond
TUE Grossi, Matteo 6 St Pius X
TUE Grossi, Nico 5 St Pius X
TUE Grubb, Avery 5 Saint-Jean Baptiste
WED Gualtieri, Cole 6 St Louis
WED Gualtieri, Selina 3 St Louis
WED Guardado, Makayla 3 St Anthony
TUE Guessous, Yassine 5 Louise-Charron
WED Guthrie, Riley 4 Notre Dame
TUE Guthrie, Seth 8 Malden
TUE Guttman, Emet 3 Herman
WED Habtamu, Nathanael 8 Prince Edward
TUE Hadadean, Zeno 5 St Gabriel
TUE Hager, Victoria 4 Davis
WED Hagg, Matthew 8 Christ the King
WED Hahn, Max 3 Sandwich West
WED Hall-Brooks, Patrick 4 Coronation
WED Halliday, Elizabeth 5 St Angela
WED Halvorsen, Gavin 4 Harrow
TUE Hamid, Ahmad 6 Roseland
TUE Hamid, Mohamad 5 Roseland
WED Hamilton, Quinton 4 Hetherington
TUE Hamka, Abraham 8 Giles
WED Hammett, Noah 8 Corpus Christi
TUE Hammoud, Razan 7 Saint-Edmond
TUE Hammoud, Rihanna 3 Saint-Edmond
TUE Hammoud, Taha 8 Giles
WED Hamwi Albitar, Sham 2 Prince Edward
WED Handa, Akash 4 D M Eagle
WED Hannah, Leah 6 Mgr Jean Noel
WED Harding, Tyler 6 St Joseph
WED Harper, Nick 5 St Angela
TUE Harvey, Chloe 6 St John Vianney
WED Hassan, Asfi 8 Marlborough
WED Havens, Jada 5 West Gate
WED Hawco, Evan 7 A21
TUE He, Nathan 5 Bellewood
TUE Hebert, Colin 8 Malden
TUE Hem, Trystan 8 Giles
TUE Hemmings, Richard 7 Saint-Michel
WED Hennin, Cora 7 West Gate
TUE Hermes, Chris 7 Ste Therese
WED Herrera, Mark 4 St Louis
WED Herrera, Matthew 6 St Louis
TUE Herrick, Kaden 7 Maranatha
TUE Hijazi, Mohammed 8 Forest Glade
TUE Hill, Joel 5 Tecumseh Vista
WED Hill, Mat 4 Beaton
TUE Hillman, Hayden 8 St William
WED Hindi, Elias 6 Holy Cross
WED Hobbs, Emma 5 D M Eagle
TUE Hohmann, Jaedyn 2 Lakeshore Discovery
TUE Holjevic, Emilie 5 St William
WED Holland, Dean 3 Gore Hill
WED Holland, Jack 7 Sacred Heart
TUE Holmes, Sean 8 Davis
TUE Hooper, Grady 8 St Pius X
TUE Hope, Alex 5 St Gabriel
TUE Hopkins, Caden 6 Saint-Michel
TUE Hornick, Caroline 7 Lakeshore Discovery
WED Horvath, Matthew 8 Notre Dame
TUE Hou, Jimmy 6 St Gabriel
WED Howson, Maeghan 8 A21
WED Hu, Calvin 4 Dougall
WED Hussein, Hussein 4 Brock
WED Hutton, Sam 6 Brock
TUE Ibukun, Dami 5 Immaculate Conception
WED Iqbal, Yousuf 8 Al-Hijra
WED Ishtiaq, Sarim 8 Al-Hijra
TUE Jacovcic, Ryan 6 St Gabriel
WED Jacques, Adam 4 Saint-Ambroise
TUE Jagielski, Daria 7 Ste Therese
TUE Jagielski, Konrad 4 Ste Therese
TUE Jahn, Edina 4 Malden
TUE Jahn, Ezra 7 Malden
WED Jaichon, Danae 6 Mgr Jean Noel
TUE Jaiyeoba, Tomi 3 Maranatha
TUE Jajo, Nathanaeil 8 O.L. of Perpetual Help
TUE Jaques, Lukas 3 Tecumseh Vista
TUE Jardim, Logan 8 Cardinal Carter
WED Jasey, Hazen 6 A21
WED Jasniewicz, Karol 7 Mgr Augustin Caron
WED Jasniewicz, Olivia 5 Mgr Augustin Caron
WED Jekle, Eva 5 St Louis
WED Johnston, Elizabeth 4 O.L. of Mount Carmel
WED Johnston, Joshua 4 Sandwich West
WED Joseph, Alex 4 Suzuki
TUE Joseph, Brooke 8 Central
TUE Joshua, Frias 8 Cardinal Carter
WED Juodikis, Kaden 8 Sacred Heart
WED Juracic, Jack 5 Hetherington
WED Jutras, Liam 5 Kingsville
TUE Kalidindi, Vedent 8 Talbot Trail
TUE Kandil, Mira 6 Saint-Edmond
TUE Kapoor, Arjun 8 Ste Cecile
TUE Kapoor, Vikas 3 Ste Cecile
TUE Karchuk, Anneke 6 St Rose
TUE Karthikeyen, Lavanan 6 Southwood
WED Katz, Sam 6 D M Eagle
TUE Kaul, Suhani 6 Talbot Trail
TUE Kaur, Eveleen 3 Talbot Trail
WED Kavanaugh, Abigail 8 Christ the King
WED Kawsara, Hiyam 8 Marlborough
TUE Keller, Jack 4 Ste Marguerite D'Youville
TUE Kelly, Makayla 7 Malden
WED Keltika, Kierra 6 St Anthony
TUE kemkeng Nankam, Queen-Mariah 4 Saint-Edmond
WED Kennedy, Warren 4 St Joseph
WED Khan, Abdul-Rahman 6 Al-Hijra
TUE Khanafer, Ayah 8 Saint-Edmond
TUE Kim, David 7 Saint-Michel
WED Kitts, Lily 8 Corpus Christi
WED Klassen, Donovan 6 Gore Hill
TUE Klassen, Judah 4 Giles
TUE Klay, Jonah 3 Herman
WED Klem, Hayden 6 Suzuki
TUE Knott, Jack 4 Tecumseh Vista
TUE Knyazev, Vlad 8 Ste Cecile
WED Kociuk, Ryan 4 Suzuki
TUE Konrad, Levi 3 Gosfield North
TUE Kootstra, Nate 4 Bellewood
WED Kopka, Benny 5 Harrow
WED Kopka, Jake 1 Harrow
WED Koppesor, Dashiell 4 Saint-Antoine
TUE Kretschmann, Kristin 6 Queen Elizabeth
TUE Kriemadis, Emma 8 St Gabriel
TUE Kriemadis, Noah 6 St Gabriel
TUE Kristensen, Henrik 5 Saint-Jean Baptiste
WED Krueger, Logan 2 Jack Miner
TUE Kubinec, Roman 8 O.L. of Perpetual Help
TUE Kulkarni, Anish 8 Southwood
TUE Kumar, Alok 6 Southwood
TUE Kwasnicki, Levi 7 Central
TUE La Marsh-Clements, Ciara 7 Davis
TUE Labak, Ourwa 4 Talbot Trail
WED Labombard, Isaac 3 Hetherington
TUE Labonte, Carter 4 Lakeshore Discovery
WED Lachine, Noah 6 St Anthony
TUE Lacoursiere, Connor 7 Saint-Edmond
TUE Laflamme, Aidan 8 Davis
TUE Laforet, Hayden 6 St Pius X
WED Laframboise, Kaitlyn 4 Harrow
TUE Lahoud, Andrew 5 St William
WED Laird, Chloe 8 Holy Cross
TUE Lam, Annika 7 Ste Cecile
WED Lam, Hung 5 Dougall
WED Lamont, Kian 5 Jack Miner
WED Langlois, AJ 7 Corpus Christi
WED Langlois, Gavin 6 Prince Edward
WED Langlois, Kristi 5 Dougall
TUE Langton, Joel 3 Tecumseh Vista
WED Lanno, Tyler 8 Marlborough
WED Lanoue, Ben 8 Mgr Augustin Caron
TUE Lariviere, Wen Shi 6 Saint-Edmond
TUE Larsen, Kylee 6 First Lutheran
TUE Lavoie, Julien 4 Ste Therese
TUE Lavoie, Keir 6 Saint-Jean Baptiste
TUE Law, Matthew 4 Bellewood
WED Lawler, Liam 4 D M Eagle
TUE Lazure, Gaspar 8 Saint-Edmond
TUE Le, Mai Linh 3 Lakeshore Discovery
TUE Lear, Cory 4 St Christopher
TUE Lebel, Owen 7 St Pius X
WED LeBlanc, Joel 6 Mgr Augustin Caron
WED LeBreton, M.J. 6 West Gate
WED LeBreton, River 7 West Gate
TUE Leciago, Emma 8 Cardinal Carter
TUE Ledrew, Pearson 5 St William
TUE Lee, Indy 5 Herman
TUE Lee, Joon 7 Talbot Trail
WED Leggate, Alex 7 St Anthony
TUE Leo, Eldon 6 St William
TUE Lepage, Devan 7 St Peter
WED Lepage, Isabelle 5 St Angela
TUE Leroux, Aidan 5 Lakeshore Discovery
WED Levack, Logan 4 Sandwich West
WED Levesque, Joshua 8 Sacred Heart
WED Levesque, Nathan 5 Saint-Ambroise
TUE Levesque, Owen 8 St John Vianney
WED Levesque, Sebastian 5 Sacred Heart
WED Lewis-Yang, Mackenzie 6 Dougall
TUE Li, Daniella 4 Talbot Trail
TUE Li, Helen 6 Talbot Trail
TUE Li, Liko 4 St Christopher
WED Li, Quirui 7 Corpus Christi
TUE Li, Raymond 5 Talbot Trail
WED Liao, Jordan 7 Dougall
WED Liem, Bethany 6 Mgr Jean Noel
WED Lien, Daniel 8 O.L. of Mount Carmel
WED Lindsay, Jonah 5 A21
WED Liorentas, Maddyson 7 Coronation
TUE Liu, Henry 8 Central
TUE Liu, Terrance 3 Bellewood
TUE Locham, Divjot 5 Talbot Trail
WED Lockhart, Anthony 4 Sandwich West
TUE Lockley, Andrew 3 Forest Glade
WED Logsdon, Robin 3 Gore Hill
TUE Lojewski, Sam 8 Malden
WED Long, Wes 8 Harrow
WED Lonke, Andrew 1 Jack Miner
WED Lonke, William 3 Jack Miner
TUE Look-Kan, Ben 8 Southwood
WED Lopez, Logan 4 O.L. of Mount Carmel
TUE Lopez, Maya 8 Central
TUE Louis-Seize, Elijah 7 Immaculate Conception
TUE Lozon, Nico 8 St Christopher
TUE Lozon, Riley 7 St John Vianney
TUE Lu, Steven 4 Giles
WED Lubbad, Basel 5 Coronation
TUE Luberal, Aguero 5 Louise-Charron
WED Lucier, Angelo 4 St Joseph
TUE Lucier, Evan 5 Tecumseh Vista
TUE Lulic, Aidan 6 St Gabriel
TUE Luo, Gordon 5 Bellewood
WED Luo, Roger 5 Dougall
TUE Ma, Barry 2 Bellewood
TUE Ma, Bensan 1 Bellewood
WED Macdonald, Kevin 8 Holy Cross
WED MacDonald, Liam 3 Sandwich West
TUE Maceroni, Mark 6 St Peter
TUE MacLean, Aiden 5 Giles
TUE MacLean, Evan 8 Giles
TUE MacLean, Matthew 6 Maranatha
WED Maclellan, James 5 Beaton
TUE MacMillan, Kyle 7 Cardinal Carter
WED Magdellan, Carter 1 Suzuki
TUE Magic, Nadia 8 St Gabriel
TUE Mahajan, Raghav 7 Forest Glade
WED Mahboob, Nabeeha 8 Al-Hijra
WED Mahmood, Subhan 6 West Gate
TUE Mailloux, Keltan 6 Ste Therese
TUE Mailloux, Tanner 4 Ste Marguerite D'Youville
WED Maini, Alissa 5 Sacred Heart
TUE Maiuri, Matteo 7 Cardinal Carter
WED Major, Devin 8 Dougall
WED Major, Jacob 4 St Anthony
WED Maku, Romano 5 Christ the King
WED Malik, Ahmed 6 Al-Hijra
TUE Malik, Zain 5 Ste Cecile
TUE Malone, Kyle 6 St John Vianney
TUE Malone, Ryan 8 St John Vianney
TUE Malone, Thea 3 St John Vianney
TUE Malott, Brayden 5 Queen Elizabeth
TUE Malus, Aaron 7 Ste Cecile
TUE Malus, Rachel 5 Ste Cecile
WED Manchurek, Lehm 7 Harrow
TUE Mandilla, Kacha 5 Immaculate Conception
TUE Mao, Elliott 8 Bellewood
WED Mao, Victor 3 Coronation
TUE Marcelloni, Jacob 6 Home schooled
WED Marchand, Dylan 5 Gore Hill
WED Marentette, Quinn 5 Kingsville
WED Marentette-McPherson, Katrina 6 West Gate
TUE Marion, Eric 7 Ste Therese
WED Markos, Johnny 8 Brock
TUE Markoz, Markos 8 St John Vianney
WED Maroukis, Nikki 8 Notre Dame
TUE Masotti, Evelina 6 First Lutheran
TUE Masotti, Talia 3 First Lutheran
TUE Mastronardi, Anthony 3 Tecumseh Vista
TUE Matchett, Andrew 6 St William
TUE Mathew, Thomas 8 Herman
TUE Matias, Dallas 7 Cardinal Carter
WED Matijiw, Jaxon 4 Hetherington
WED Matteis, Adalyn 6 St Joseph
TUE Matthews, Owen 7 Cardinal Carter
WED Maure, Zachary 8 Saint-Ambroise
WED Mayen, Michol 5 St James
TUE Maythem, Kennedy 5 Ste Marguerite D'Youville
WED McArthur, Jaxon 6 O.L. of Mount Carmel
WED McCallum, Jolene 5 Holy Cross
TUE McCandless, Lauren 4 Forest Glade
TUE McCandless, Logan 6 Forest Glade
WED McDonald, Christopher 7 Saint-Antoine
WED McFarland, Keegan 6 Prince Edward
WED McGuire, Tyler 7 O.L. of Mount Carmel
WED McKay, Carter 1 Suzuki
TUE McKinnon, Kendra 6 Malden
TUE Mclelland, Ethan 3 St Gabriel
TUE McMillan, Nickolas 5 St William
WED McMillan, Tatiana 5 Coronation
WED McRaee, William 3 Dougall
TUE Medeiros, Liam 5 Queen Elizabeth
TUE Medeiros, Lucas 7 Queen Elizabeth
TUE Mehta, Vishaal 8 Ste Cecile
TUE Meloche, Abigail 4 Forest Glade
WED Men, Nathan 1 Sandwich West
WED Meng, Jesse 7 Sandwich West
WED Michael, Yang 8 Glenwood
TUE Mickle, Gavin 5 Lakeshore Discovery
TUE Miehls, Justin 6 Gosfield North
WED Mikhail, Ronan 5 Mgr Jean Noel
WED Milak, Ethan 5 Christ the King
TUE Miller, Robert 8 St Pius X
WED Mills, Nash 6 Suzuki
TUE Miloyevich, Maksim 7 Tecumseh Vista
TUE Minello, Cameron 5 Ste Marguerite D'Youville
WED Mingay, Henrik 4 Sandwich West
TUE Miron, Jacob 5 St John Vianney
TUE Miron, Nathaniel 6 St John Vianney
TUE Mirza, Zohayr 8 Ste Cecile
TUE Mohamad, Khalid 6 Queen Elizabeth
TUE Mohamad, Mahmoud 7 Queen Elizabeth
TUE Mohamad, Mohamad 7 Queen Elizabeth
TUE Mohammed, Ali 8 Herman
TUE Monajid, Omar 8 Talbot Trail
WED Moneglia, Alessio 8 O.L. of Mount Carmel
TUE Monminie, Kyle 5 Saint-Michel
WED Morgan, Parker 7 West Gate
TUE Morin, Caleb 6 Lakeshore Discovery
TUE Morin, Justin 8 Saint-Michel
WED Moses, Mac 7 Marlborough
WED Mottilo, Cristiano 2 Christ the King
WED Mottilo, Liliana 5 Christ the King
TUE Moudgil, Chetanya 7 Southwood
TUE Mroue, Ali 5 Roseland
TUE Mueller, Aiden 5 St Pius X
TUE Mugunthan, Vaamanan 7 Talbot Trail
WED Muhammad, Ayyube 5 Brock
TUE Mulder, Trevor 8 Saint-Jean Baptiste
WED Mullins, Liam 4 D M Eagle
WED Munroe, Gage 6 Coronation
WED Munson, Haley 8 Notre Dame
WED Murphy, Brandy 6 St James
WED Murtagh, Joey 7 Mgr Jean Noel
TUE Musa, Lidya 7 Ste Therese
WED Musbah, Yaseen 4 Al-Hijra
WED Muscedere, Maxum 5 O.L. of Mount Carmel
WED Muslum, Yarin 7 Brock
TUE Musso, Matteo 8 St Peter
TUE Musson, Aidan 8 Davis
WED Mustafa, Abullah 8 Al-Hijra
WED Naccarato, Joseph 7 Holy Cross
TUE Nagy, Imola 8 Ste Therese
TUE Nahdee, Nyles 7 Davis
TUE Najem, Marianna 3 Maranatha
WED Najjar, Lin 5 Brock
TUE Nakhoul, Cesar 6 Ste Therese
TUE Nano, Marilyne 3 St Christopher
TUE Nano, Maryana 3 St Christopher
TUE Nantais, Caiden 5 Central
TUE Nantais, Lucas 5 First Lutheran
TUE Naserian, Iraj 5 Southwood
WED Nason, Criss 7 Harrow
TUE Navarro, Illari 5 O.L. of Perpetual Help
TUE Nazim, Jad 8 Begley
TUE Ndubisi, Awele 7 Ste Cecile
WED Neamah, Ebrahim 8 Corpus Christi
WED Nehme, Joey 5 Saint-Ambroise
WED Nehmetellah, Nathan 4 St Louis
TUE Nelson, Aiden 8 Saint-Michel
WED Nelson, Luke 8 Holy Cross
TUE Nelson, Tyler 8 Gosfield North
TUE Nesbit, Roan 4 St Christopher
TUE Neufeld, Jeremy 6 Queen Elizabeth
TUE Neves, Luka 3 Tecumseh Vista
WED Nguyen, Emily 7 Christ the King
TUE Nguyen, Tristan 7 Bellewood
WED Nichols, Evelyn 3 Beaton
TUE Nichols, Mickinley 3 Giles
TUE Nikita, Charlie 6 Gosfield North
TUE Nikita, Jack 8 Gosfield North
TUE Nithiyananthan, Krishiv 6 Roseland
WED Nkombo, Abigail 6 Mgr Jean Noel
WED Nohra, Bella 5 St Louis
WED Nourein, Summer 3 West Gate
TUE Nova, Matteo 2 Forest Glade
TUE Nyman, Isabelle 6 O.L. of Perpetual Help
TUE Nyman, Owen 5 O.L. of Perpetual Help
WED O'Keefe, Kyle 7 Dougall
WED O?Keefe, Jacob 4 Dougall
WED Oake, Rylan 5 Hetherington
WED Obatusa, Eniola 5 Christ the King
WED Obeid, Hussein 8 Prince Edward
TUE Obradovic, Andrej 6 First Lutheran
WED Odrcich, Evan 6 Mgr Augustin Caron
WED Oginski, Natasha 3 Beaton
TUE Ohan, Talieen 6 Louise-Charron
TUE Oikle, Braeden 6 O.L. of Perpetual Help
TUE Okic, Alma 3 Herman
TUE Oldridge, Colin 7 St Pius X
TUE Oldridge, Nathan 7 St Pius X
WED Olivito, Quintin 7 Sandwich West
WED Omar, Nathan 6 St Louis
TUE Oran, Manning 4 Giles
WED Osborne, Kathryn 8 Holy Cross
TUE Osier, Amelia 3 St Christopher
WED Ouellette, Aiden 8 Sacred Heart
TUE Ouellette, Alex 8 St Christopher
WED Ouellette, Austin 7 Corpus Christi
TUE Ouellette, Dylan 6 St John Vianney
WED Ouellette, Evan 7 Glenwood
WED Owen, Alyssa 7 St Angela
WED Owen, Emily 5 St Angela
WED Padden, Malcolm 7 Brock
WED Paine, Zach 6 Gore Hill
TUE Palalmeta, Matthew 6 St John Vianney
TUE Palamides, Eamon 5 St Rose
TUE Palanca, Guiliano 7 Ste Marguerite D'Youville
TUE Palimides, Eli 3 St Rose
TUE Palko, Jack 5 St Christopher
TUE Pan, Thomas 6 Ste Cecile
TUE Pan, Zahra 3 First Lutheran
TUE Papador, Avery 5 Louise-Charron
TUE Papanastassiu, Anna 7 Tecumseh Vista
WED Papia, Daniella 5 Sacred Heart
WED Papia, Sara 7 Sacred Heart
TUE Papineau, Nathan 7 St John the Evangelist
TUE Parent, Joey 6 Herman
TUE Parent, Noa 7 Tecumseh Vista
TUE Parete, Massimo 8 Malden
TUE Parete, Matteo 8 Malden
WED Parker, Madison 7 Hetherington
WED Parsons, Ryleigh 4 Sacred Heart
TUE Patel, Aditha 8 Talbot Trail
WED Paternina, Rey 5 St Angela
TUE Paterson, Ryan 6 Saint-Jean Baptiste
WED Patey, Ava 7 Christ the King
TUE Paton, Lucas 4 St John the Evangelist
WED Pazner, Zachary 3 Sandwich West
WED Peacock, Gillian 7 Sacred Heart
WED Pedrosa, Nathan 1 Harrow
TUE Peer, Josh 8 St Christopher
TUE Pegg, Alex 4 Bellewood
TUE Pelle, Nico 8 St Peter
WED Percy, Aiden 7 Beaton
WED Pereira, Julien 6 St Louis
WED Perrin, Chelsea 6 Harrow
TUE Persichelli, Alex 7 St Pius X
TUE Peters, Stephen 7 Maranatha
WED Petit, Emmanuel 7 A21
TUE Pezzotti, Elijah 7 Cardinal Carter
TUE Pham, Ethan 5 Saint-Edmond
TUE Pham, Kiet 7 Saint-Edmond
TUE Philpott, Easton 3 Lakeshore Discovery
TUE Philpott, Gavin 5 Lakeshore Discovery
TUE Phinney, Ethan 5 Lakeshore Discovery
TUE Pickle, Eliana 6 Ste Marguerite D'Youville
TUE Pilluti, Tony 6 First Lutheran
WED Pimentel, Owen 6 St Louis
WED Pinsonneault, Zachary 4 Saint-Antoine
WED Pizzuti, Daniella 5 Notre Dame
WED Pizzuti, Elaina 6 O.L. of Mount Carmel
WED Pizzuti, Teo 5 St Angela
WED Poisson, Ava 3 Kingsville
TUE Poisson, Eric 6 Tecumseh Vista
WED Poisson, Marc 7 Notre Dame
TUE Polachok, Neil 5 St Rose
TUE Polsky, Max 8 Ste Cecile
TUE Pona, Dominic 4 St Pius X
TUE Popescu, Paula 8 Ste Marguerite D'Youville
WED Pottle, Hamish 5 St Anthony
WED Pottle, Tristan 6 St Anthony
TUE Pouget, Briana 6 Home schooled
TUE Pouget, Miranda 8 Home schooled
WED Poupard, Devin 8 Harrow
WED Powers, Casey 8 Beaton
WED Powers, Oliver 4 Beaton
TUE Praill, Claire 4 Forest Glade
WED Prantera, Sophia 5 Notre Dame
WED Prendi, Armand 8 Holy Cross
TUE Price, Colin 4 St Pius X
TUE Pritchard, Liam 8 Gosfield North
TUE Pritchard, Quincy 6 Gosfield North
WED Protheroe, Gavin 5 Mgr Jean Noel
TUE Pullo, Noah 8 St Peter
WED Putrus, Daniel 4 Marlborough
TUE Quan, Annabelle 6 Tecumseh Vista
WED Quick, Keaton 6 Kingsville
TUE Quigley, Leland 7 St John Vianney
TUE Quinland, Amari 2 Herman
TUE Qureshi, Ayaan 6 Davis
TUE Radojcevic, Maksim 3 Forest Glade
TUE Raffoul, Jaiden 5 St John Vianney
WED Rahman, Arman 3 Dougall
WED Rail, Sebastien 5 Christ the King
TUE Rainone, Anthony 4 Herman
TUE Ramadan, Ahmad 4 Louise-Charron
TUE Ramond, Evan 3 St John Vianney
TUE Rana, Yusuf 5 Louise-Charron
WED Randall, Aidan 7 Corpus Christi
TUE Ranola, Bryce 4 St Christopher
TUE Raoux, Andrew 7 Southwood
WED Rau, Micah 6 Dougall
TUE Ray, Abby 8 St Pius X
TUE Ray, Nicholas 4 St Pius X
TUE Ray, Rebecca 5 St Pius X
WED Raymond, Olivua 3 Coronation
TUE Raymundo, Edwin 6 St Rose
TUE Rea, Dante 6 St John Vianney
WED Reed, Cameron 7 St Angela
TUE Reis, Ayva 3 Maranatha
WED Renaud, Brodie 6 Sandwich West
WED Renaud, Cole 5 St Joseph
TUE Rennert, Mateo 7 St Peter
TUE Rennert, Saverio 8 St Peter
WED Renon, Andrew 5 Holy Cross
TUE Resendes, Aiden 8 Cardinal Carter
TUE Restrepo Muschkot, Mateo 2 Lakeshore Discovery
TUE Rexhepi, Jon 6 Tecumseh Vista
WED Ring, Michael 6 Notre Dame
TUE Ringler, Chase 4 Gosfield North
TUE Ripley, Abi 1 Home schooled
TUE Ripley, Isaac 2 Home schooled
TUE Ripley, Noah 6 Home schooled
TUE Ripley, Sam 5 Home schooled
TUE Rizok, Luke 4 Herman
TUE Robak, Jacob 7 Lakeshore Discovery
WED Roberts, Jack 5 Mgr Augustin Caron
TUE Robichaud, Ben 6 Saint-Jean Baptiste
TUE Robinson, Garrett 7 St John the Evangelist
TUE Robinson, Piper 8 Cardinal Carter
TUE Robitaille, Trenton 7 Forest Glade
WED Rodriguez-Saltron, Orianna 7 O.L. of Mount Carmel
TUE Rodzic, Delphine 7 St William
TUE Rojas, Silvana 5 Saint-Jean Baptiste
TUE Root, Ethan 8 St John Vianney
TUE Rousseau, Timmy 7 Ste Therese
WED Rowland, Matthew 2 Jack Miner
WED Rowland, Michael 5 Jack Miner
WED Roy, Thomas 5 Brock
TUE Roznawski, Ava 4 Lakeshore Discovery
TUE Ru, Ben 5 Bellewood
WED Rubino, Alexander 4 St Louis
WED Rubino, Nico 5 St Louis
WED Rugama, Anita 7 Corpus Christi
WED Rumiel, Josh 4 St Anthony
WED Run Yang, Melanie 3 West Gate
WED Ruperd, Zack 7 Harrow
TUE Rupert, Jorey 5 Forest Glade
TUE Rusenstrom, Isaiah 6 Saint-Jean Baptiste
TUE Rutherford, Sydney 6 O.L. of Perpetual Help
TUE Ryan, Nathan 4 Maranatha
TUE Saad, Jordan 8 St William
TUE Saadeh, Elie 4 St Peter
WED Saaur, Mirun 5 St James
WED Saaur, Yousif 6 St James
WED Saccucci, DiMaio 5 Holy Cross
WED Sadler, Jacob 8 Notre Dame
WED Said, Ahmed 8 Al-Hijra
TUE Sak, Noah 6 Central
TUE Sakhrya, Alex 8 O.L. of Perpetual Help
TUE Salan, Cesar 7 Cardinal Carter
TUE Salibi, Steven 8 Ste Therese
TUE Salih, Mohamed 6 Roseland
TUE Salman, Cody 6 Saint-Edmond
TUE Salman, Mohamad 5 Saint-Edmond
TUE Sama, Zain 3 Talbot Trail
TUE Samhat, Mo 8 Roseland
WED Sandhu, Dilraj 7 Sandwich West
WED Savoie, Noah 4 Saint-Antoine
WED Saw, Klo Knyaw 5 Dougall
WED Scarano, Danica 6 St Joseph
TUE schneider, Alex 4 Herman
WED Schooley, Kasey 7 Kingsville
TUE Schram, Riley 3 Forest Glade
WED Schrey, Nicholas 4 D M Eagle
WED Schroeder, Ryder 4 Beaton
TUE Scott, Evan 4 Malden
WED Scott-Jackson, Zachariah 6 Holy Cross
WED Segedin, Michael 6 Gore Hill
TUE Seguin, Cooper 5 St Pius X
WED Seguin, Preston 7 A21
TUE Seleim, Baraa 1 Bellewood
WED Seremack, Landon 7 Brock
WED Sexsmith, Neil 7 Suzuki
WED Sflacin, Stephane 4 Saint-Antoine
WED Shaalan, Haider 4 Brock
TUE Shahian, Leila 5 Ste Marguerite D'Youville
TUE Shahian, Ryan 3 Ste Marguerite D'Youville
WED Shahid, Affan 8 Al-Hijra
WED Shammarez, Hasher 2 Prince Edward
WED Shammarez, Waleed 6 Prince Edward
WED Shanks, Rebecca 6 Gore Hill
TUE Sharma, Praagney 6 Southwood
TUE Sharman, Rhys 7 Malden
TUE Sheehan, Saleigh 8 Begley
WED Sheekh, Mohamed 8 Brock
TUE Shen, Elvin 6 Southwood
WED Sher, Asma 5 Al-Hijra
TUE Shi, Sunny 6 Giles
WED Shi, Yvonne 8 Glenwood
WED Shinas, Achilles 7 Marlborough
TUE Shrey, Jack 6 St Pius X
TUE Shrey, Joey 4 St Pius X
TUE Siblani, Karim 7 Tecumseh Vista
WED Siddique, Aminah 6 D M Eagle
WED Siddiqui, Ariyan 8 West Gate
WED Siergjuk, Kendra 8 Saint-Antoine
TUE Siimes, Artur 6 Home schooled
TUE Siimes, Cecilia 3 Home schooled
TUE Siimes, Felipe 8 Home schooled
WED Sim, Aston 7 St Anthony
TUE Sinasac, Kylie 8 Cardinal Carter
TUE Singh, Sarbungh 7 Tecumseh Vista
WED Singh, Tanveer 7 Glenwood
TUE Singh, Tejveer 8 Tecumseh Vista
TUE Skakavac, Max 8 Malden
TUE Skliarov, Daniel 8 Ste Cecile
WED Skovran, Bryce 4 Sandwich West
WED Skurvidas, Daniel 7 Mgr Jean Noel
WED Slue, Drake 4 Brock
TUE Smilev, Dejan 5 Roseland
TUE Smith, Benjamin 6 Davis
TUE Smith, Wilson 4 St Christopher
WED Snelgrove, Bryson 3 Kingsville
TUE Soave, Alex 8 St John Vianney
WED Sodhi, Tanishka 5 Notre Dame
WED Sohaib, Sameer 3 West Gate
WED Sohaib, Sharjeel 8 West Gate
TUE Sonoski, James 5 Saint-Michel
WED Soutan, Adam 5 Sacred Heart
TUE Speal, Izabella 3 Herman
TUE Spencer, Ben 7 St John Vianney
WED Spidalieri, Zayn 7 A21
WED Spinks, Benjamin 4 St Joseph
WED Sra, Gurdit 7 Sandwich West
TUE Srivastava, Tejas 4 Immaculate Conception
TUE Srour, Selena 5 Giles
WED St. Louis, Koen 6 Saint-Ambroise
WED St. Louis, Preston 8 Hetherington
WED Stabile, Gabby 8 Corpus Christi
WED Staley, Emma 6 Saint-Antoine
WED Stanley, Cole 3 Kingsville
TUE Stavridis, Lukas 5 St William
WED Stavropoulos, AleKsander 3 Sandwich West
WED Stein, Nathan 8 Saint-Ambroise
WED Steinhoff, Leyna 4 West Gate
WED Stickles, Lucas 2 Gore Hill
TUE Stockton, Dylan 7 Cardinal Carter
TUE Stockwell, Joel 7 Queen Elizabeth
TUE Stockwell, Julia 6 Queen Elizabeth
TUE Stoenescu, Arleta 3 Giles
WED Stomp, Alyssa 7 Holy Cross
WED Stott, Kyle 7 St Joseph
WED Strain, Davaughn 4 Coronation
TUE Stresman, Alex 5 First Lutheran
TUE Stresman, Ben 8 First Lutheran
TUE Stresman, Joshua 2 First Lutheran
TUE Stupariu, Andrei 6 Tecumseh Vista
TUE Subair, Naadir 3 Giles
TUE Sun, Eric 7 Central
WED Supic, Aleksander 4 D M Eagle
WED Swartz, Peirce 6 St Anthony
WED Swentek, Tiberius 1 Home schooled
WED Szabo, Alexander 5 Sandwich West
TUE Taha, Hatem 7 Giles
TUE Talelli, Giano 7 Southwood
TUE Tang, Zack 3 Lakeshore Discovery
WED Tao, Kaitlyn 6 Mgr Jean Noel
WED Tassey, Alex 3 Beaton
WED Tatomir, Hailey 7 Christ the King
TUE Tavares, Logan 8 Cardinal Carter
WED Tayara, Alaa 3 Dougall
WED Taylor, Aiden 4 Suzuki
WED Taylor, Claire 4 Beaton
WED Taylor, Hudson 2 Suzuki
WED Taylor, Luke 6 Sandwich West
TUE Tesfaye, Bemnet 6 O.L. of Perpetual Help
TUE Tetzlaff, Jordan 7 Ste Cecile
WED Thomas, Brady 7 Corpus Christi
TUE Thomas, Kaleb 3 St Rose
WED Thomas, Steven 8 Beaton
TUE Thomson, Rayvonne 4 Giles
TUE Tiea, Malak 5 Giles
WED Tomac, Anthony 8 St Joseph
WED Tomaselli, Monti 4 Beaton
TUE Tomescu, Daria 7 Ste Therese
TUE Tomko, Meila 8 St Pius X
TUE Tonenchi, Michael 5 O.L. of Perpetual Help
TUE Tran, Alex 7 Tecumseh Vista
TUE Tran, An 7 Central
WED Tran, Nathan 8 O.L. of Mount Carmel
TUE Tran, Wilson 7 Saint-Michel
WED Trepanier, Spencer 7 Mgr Jean Noel
TUE Trinh, Anthony 8 St Christopher
TUE Triolet, Audrey 5 Saint-Jean Baptiste
TUE Triolet, Zack 8 Giles
TUE Troung, Matthew 8 Cardinal Carter
TUE Truong, Shara 8 Begley
TUE Tu, Sophia 4 Roseland
TUE Tumpkin, Carson 3 Herman
WED Turkalj, Cohen 4 Notre Dame
TUE Turnbull, Jaxon 6 Tecumseh Vista
TUE Tweedell, Cameron 6 Saint-Jean Baptiste
WED Tyler, Womack 8 Glenwood
TUE Ullman, Kristopher 4 St Rose
WED Um Saeed, Ibrahim 5 West Gate
TUE Uppot, Yash 8 Southwood
WED Vaidya, Anish 7 St Angela
WED Valaris, Stefan 4 Mgr Augustin Caron
WED Valente, Matteo 7 Holy Cross
TUE Vallee, Brendan 4 Herman
WED Van Nieuw Amerongen, Nathan 6 Brock
WED VanHeugten, Ethan 6 St Joseph
TUE Vanlouverton, Emeline 6 Malden
WED Vannie, Adriana 4 O.L. of Mount Carmel
WED Vanveem, Jakob 8 Beaton
WED Varga, Dryden 7 Sandwich West
TUE Vasic, Danilo 7 Davis
TUE Vasquez, Mateo 6 Lakeshore Discovery
TUE Velasco-Sanabria, Mario 7 Forest Glade
TUE Veldhuis, Declan 8 Malden
WED Velimirovic, Ilija 5 Hetherington
TUE Vellinga, Daine 5 Tecumseh Vista
WED Veno, Jordan 6 Suzuki
WED Ventura, Mateo 8 St Joseph
TUE Verzosa, Matthew 5 St William
WED Vespa, Joey 6 O.L. of Mount Carmel
WED Vickers, Evan 8 Notre Dame
WED Vilardi, Mia 8 Notre Dame
WED Villalta, Ericson 8 St Joseph
TUE Villella, Gianluca 6 St Pius X
TUE Vince, Drennan 8 Saint-Michel
TUE Vince, Grayson 7 Saint-Michel
WED Vincent, Kylee 3 Coronation
WED Visan, David 4 Saint-Antoine
WED Vogler, Cira 6 Mgr Jean Noel
TUE Vollans, Jack 6 St Gabriel
WED Vourakes, Colum 6 Jack Miner
WED Vourakes, Kelston 4 Jack Miner
WED Vuk, Carson 6 St Joseph
TUE Vyas, Samarth 4 Southwood
WED Wadhwa, Gunraj 6 Sandwich West
TUE Wafai, Yassine 7 Talbot Trail
TUE Wagner, Caleb 7 Maranatha
WED Wagner, Evan 7 Sandwich West
WED Wahbi Alzahabi, Sundus 3 West Gate
WED Walker, Jun 4 Suzuki
WED Wanarski, Layla 3 St Anthony
TUE Wang, Brayden 3 Herman
TUE Wang, Caydon 3 Bellewood
WED Wang, Isaiah 1 Sandwich West
TUE Wang, Wennie 4 Forest Glade
TUE Ward, Madelynn 4 Maranatha
WED Wasyluk, Gavin 6 Notre Dame
TUE Way, Lucas 6 Ste Marguerite D'Youville
TUE Wei, Harry 5 Bellewood
TUE Weigel, Laia 5 Saint-Jean Baptiste
TUE Weng, Ruth 7 Central
WED Werstein, Dylan 8 Coronation
WED Werstein, Jesse 6 Coronation
TUE West, James 3 St John Vianney
WED Wharram, Devon 6 Mgr Augustin Caron
TUE Wheatley, Emma 7 Davis
TUE Wheatley, Matthew 4 Davis
TUE Whited, Zairia 5 Saint-Jean Baptiste
TUE Whitehead, Daniel 8 Lakeshore Discovery
WED Wiebe, James 2 Gore Hill
TUE Wigeluk, Andrew 7 St Gabriel
TUE Wiley, Holden 5 Malden
WED Wilhelm, Landon 3 St Louis
TUE Williams, Aiden 6 St William
TUE Williams, Daniel 2 First Lutheran
WED Willkinson, Elise 3 Gore Hill
WED Wilson, Cullen 7 Kingsville
TUE Wilson, Sean 5 Tecumseh Vista
TUE Wolicki, Lukas 4 St Peter
TUE Wong, Lucas 3 Bellewood
TUE Woods, Jamie 5 Gosfield North
TUE Wu, Caleb 2 First Lutheran
TUE Wu, Jerry 7 Maranatha
WED Wuerch, Megan 4 Jack Miner
WED Xu, Leo 7 Sandwich West
TUE Xu, Steven 2 Bellewood
TUE Yacoub, Luke 3 Ste Cecile
TUE Yammine, Anthony 6 Saint-Michel
TUE Yammine, Charbel 8 Saint-Michel
TUE Yan, Kevin 6 Roseland
TUE Yang, Jude 3 Bellewood
TUE Yang, Samuel 6 Maranatha
TUE Yasarlar, Emre 8 Giles
TUE Yasarlar, Ismail 5 Giles
TUE Yim, Justin 7 First Lutheran
TUE Yim, Warren 6 First Lutheran
TUE Yoker, Callum 8 Tecumseh Vista
WED Younes, Ayman 6 Al-Hijra
WED Young, Carson 4 St Anthony
TUE Youssef, Matthew 8 Saint-Michel
WED Youssef, Max 6 St Louis
WED Yu, Alana 3 Marlborough
WED Yu, Austin 6 Marlborough
TUE Yu, Qinfeng 7 Bellewood
TUE Yuan, Daniel 5 Bellewood
TUE Yuan, Kevin 7 Bellewood
WED Zabian, Ibrahim 7 Al-Hijra
TUE Zafar, Kausar 8 Begley
WED Zagorsky, Ivan 8 Marlborough
TUE Zaid, Daniyal 8 Talbot Trail
TUE Zaidan, Alissa 5 Giles
TUE Zaidan, Rami 8 Giles
WED Zain, Sohail 8 West Gate
WED Zaman, Ayat 8 Marlborough
TUE Zamora-Sanchez, Abraham 3 Louise-Charron
TUE Zarzour, Joud 6 Central
TUE Zdravkoski, Matthew 4 Forest Glade
TUE Zhang, Judy 7 Ste Cecile
WED Zhang, William 5 Mgr Jean Noel
TUE Zheng, Jie Wen 6 Giles
TUE Zhou, Albert 2 Bellewood
TUE Zhou, Madison 6 Bellewood
TUE Zhu, Max 7 Bellewood
TUE Zhu, Victoria 4 Bellewood
TUE Zivanov, Tristan 7 St John the Evangelist
TUE Zupanic, Luka 8 St John Vianney